iT Expenses: 7 Cost Reduction Strategies

iT Expenses: 7 Cost Reduction Strategies

The end of the year is when budgets for the coming year are reviewed.

And this last quarter is often the right time to look at the savings your company can make on iT-related expenses. IT offers many opportunities to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary or inappropriate expenditure!

The rzilient IT asset management solution can help you reduce your iT expenses over the long term, among other strategies and solutions we present in this dossier.

Let's take a tour of our tips for identifying and reducing or eliminating unnecessary iT expenses!

#1 Gain visibility and control over your IT expenses

Every CFO is responsible for his or her company's IT budgets.

One of his missions is to ensure that IT spending is in line with the company's financial objectives.

If you have this responsibility, your main problem is often the difficulty of managing the rising costs associated with new technologies (software licenses, hardware, maintenance and personnel). It's not easy to have a comprehensive overview of all your company's hardware and applications!

The solution lies in choosing a tool (such as rzilient) that offers an all-in-one management solution, with clear, easy-to-understand pricing, to avoid any nasty budget surprises at the end of the month.

Our IT management has been greatly simplified! The service was more than adapted to our needs, and rzilient was able to adapt to our growth and growing requirements. And from a pricing point of view, the proposal was adapted to our budget. Garantme

#2 Free up your iT Manager's time

If your business requires the skills of an iT manager, an iT asset management platform frees up valuable working time for the manager. All the time-consuming, repetitive tasks (which aren't very motivating, by the way) take just a few minutes, and can be carried out by people with no particular IT skills.

So, rather than paying your iT manager (at his high hourly rate) to carry out low value-added tasks, you allow him to concentrate on other, more strategic subjects. For example, carrying out IT development projects for your business or developing your product offering!

With an IT asset management platform, you even have the option of not hiring an IT manager.

Via rzilient, you can assign recurring iT-related tasks to your HR department or Office Manager:

  • Materials order management ;
  • Follow-up of licenses and materials ;
  • Onboarding and offboarding ;
  • Expense tracking ;
  • Contact rzilient technical support;
  • etc.
Their biggest asset: the remote fleet management solution (MDM) and customer support. Today, we don't need an in-house iT department to manage this part of our business. Impak

#3 Reduce your payroll and iT costs

Competent IT professionals are expensive! The average IT salary is around €70k per year.

Each working day of such a profile therefore represents a significant cost for your company.

We have produced estimates of the savings made possible by using the rzilient platform. These are based on actual observations at our customers' sites:

  • For a company with 100 employees, an MDM and annual growth of 20%, with the Essential pack (€34.90 per month), the savings are 53% per month!
  • In a company of 45 employees, with an MDM and no growth, the Essential package achieves savings of 48% per month!

To give you a rough idea, an iT asset management platform like rzilient can cut your iT budget by a factor of 2.

The platform also offers your employees high-quality IT support. The aim is to save them time on a daily basis. Nobody likes to spend hours trying to solve a computer breakdown or bug! Support also helps to extend the life of equipment (which is an additional source of savings).

Finally, rzilient automates the creation and closure of your team's accounts on your in-house tools and applications.

Our business is growing fast, so I called on rzilient to equip our new arrivals. The hardware perfectly met the needs of my tech team, and I didn't need to be convinced of the performance of the refurbished equipment. They delivered 45 computers without the slightest hitch! What's more, we're saving money while doing something good for our planet. I highly recommend them! Best agents

#4 Rationalize your IT expenses

Your company has signed a number of contracts relating to your IT equipment:

  • equipment rental ;
  • software licenses ;
  • service providers, etc.

🤔 Are these contracts still tailored to your company's real needs?

🤔 Are your teams sure to use all the applications for which you pay licenses?

🤔 Perhaps you're paying for expensive service contracts that you don't really need?

Clearly, to reduce your iT expenses, planning is essential! When contracts come to an end, they must be systematically reviewed.

Here are the points to watch out for:

  1. Every iT contract must meet a real need;
  2. The investment you make in your tools must be in line with market prices (a comparison with competing offers is crucial here);
  3. And your IT contracts need to provide the right level of service (in terms of quality, responsiveness, etc.) for your context. You don't always need the most expensive plan!

💡 We also advise you toavoid committing to long-term contracts or licenses, especially if service scalability is not guaranteed. Your needs evolve regularly, and your IT tools need to adapt!

💡 An important tip: when setting up a new iT tool, we recommend systematically checking the contractual clauses relating to termination and renegotiation of contract conditions.

Find out how Combo optimizes its iT inventory with rzilient!

💡 Another important point: with a platform like rzilient, you also benefit from an ideal tool for carrying out an IT asset inventory, to avoid unnecessary purchases and optimize resources already present in-house! Many companies purchase iT hardware even though they have working computers in stock.

Optimizing equipment lifecycles saves you money, and can also be included in your CSR strategy, in the Green IT section!

One of the most popular features of the rzilient platform at PlayPlay is theinventory of IT equipmentwhether assigned to employees or stored within the company. This feature has enabled PlayPlay to draw up a precise inventory of its IT assets and check the allocation of equipment to employees.

‍This feature is all the more valuable for a company that welcomes new employees every week, for whom it won't be necessary to order new equipment if the stock is properly inventoried and tracked.

As a result, PlayPlay has saved time and money on its procurement budget.

To see the full PlayPlay case study, click here.

#5 Increase your cash flow with leasing

The objective of your iT expense reductions must be to generate a very rapid financial impact.

With rzilient, you benefit from our rental solutions, negotiated at the best prices on the market. Instead of tying up capital in computers and iT equipment, choose the flexibility of leasing, with the advantage of preserving your cash flow. We also offer financing solutions, taking into account the residual value of your equipment.

You can also generate cash flow by reselling your unused iT equipment. Our teams estimate the value of your equipment and provide you with an offer within a few days. You'll receive a bank transfer as soon as our technicians have checked your equipment.

This optimizes your IT procurement. You avoid having to buy new equipment, and reuse what you already have.

#6 Strengthen your company's cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a key issue for companies in recent years. Impact on brand image, on sales, on productivity, but also on the motivation of your teams...

A cyber attack can have disastrous repercussions on your business! The security of your customer data, your financial information and all your other sensitive data is a major concern.

The stakes are high. On average, the cost of a successful computer attack is €50,000!

Prevention is an excellent investment. Discover the 6 steps to boost your protection against attacks!

#7 Eliminate reactive iT expenses

Another significant source of iT costs is computer breakdowns. Thanks to the rzilient platform, you benefit from an intelligent solution for anticipating technical breakdowns, even before they occur!

Indeed, any action taken in a hurry, at the last minute, costs more than an action planned in advance. If you equip your company with a solution that enables you to anticipate your future needs, you :

  • avoid the extra costs associated with emergency purchases;
  • take the time to choose the most advantageous offers and negotiate prices.

With the rzilient IT asset management platform, you get maximum visibility from a single source. No more unpleasant surprises, such as discovering a bill exploding due to overuse of a package with an outsourcer!

Written by

Audrey Pogu

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