Onboarding: welcome your new employees without forgetting anything!

Onboarding: welcome your new employees without forgetting anything!

What is "successful" onboarding, and how can it be implemented?

What should be prioritized? Who should be the main actor in the company? When and how to prepare it efficiently?

So many questions to ask yourself before the arrival of a new person in the company, which will allow for a lasting integration into the organization. We'll help you see things more clearly!

Three pillars on which to base your strategy:

  • Human dimension
  • Material dimension
  • Company values

An essential global process

A failed onboarding, or one whose importance is minimized, can be a source of complications for all parties involved: tensions with the onboarded person, obligation to resume recruiting, bad image of the company (externally and internally)... The stakes are high.

Conversely, when it is successful, onboarding is an incredible facilitator (of relationships, software use, process & product understanding...).

Discover the Rzilient checklist for a successful onboarding, with actions to be taken before arrival, on the day of arrival and throughout the onboarding process.

Upstream preparation


  • Transfer of information necessary for hiring (HR, accounting, OM...)
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Signature of the contract by both parties (can be done by online signature software -> very useful for full-remote, but also to make faster the execution of these time consuming tasks)
  • Opening of mutual insurance and complementary health accounts, and making appointments for medical check-ups if necessary
  • Welcome email to acknowledge the candidate's entry into the organization

Definition and anticipation of logistics needs

  • Environment and workstation (desk, chair, locker...) 💻
  • iT equipment (computer, phone, screen, mouse, keyboard, adapters, cables...) but also pre-configuration of the hardware -> installation of sessions, apps, software, licenses needed on the computer
  • Mobility: company car, subscription to the public transport network or soft mobility, parking space or bicycle place
  • Consideration of external partners and anticipation to meet deadlines

-> If the premises are independent of the company, inform the service provider and provide badges, keys, codes etc...

-> Place orders with material suppliers

  • Open access to email, Drive, and any application used internally

Communication around the new arrival

  • Inform employees about recruitment via internal communication channels 📢
  • Inform the person recruited: details on his equipment (BYOD or not), on the logistics of his arrival (time, place, dress code, program)

The day

Reception and animation

This step will depend on the number of simultaneous arrivals, the size, the culture and the resources of the company. This will be the first opportunity to integrate the person into the practical life and culture of the company, and to give them a global vision of the organization.

Beware, with a remote onboarding process (full-remote) this step and its logistics will be very different.

Meeting with managers / team

  • Formal or informal -> gauge what is most appropriate
  • Presentation of the activities of each division, each person, and the ins and outs of the collaboration with the newcomer  
  • Presentation of the organization chart and the product
  • Introduction of the "buddy", if there is one, of his role ⚡️
  • Visit of the premises, presentation to employees

Material allocation + practical office life

  • Allocation of iT equipment, office space, material (badge, keys, parking space etc.)
  • Administrative information (HR, mutual insurance, transport, CSE...)
  • Presentation of internal processes + working tools 🔍
  • Introduction to the neighborhood and eating/going out habits etc.

These steps can also be concentrated in an onboarding kit provided to new hires for an enhanced employee experience! 💡

This kit can take many forms: guide, email, videos, integration seminar, academies, training... and contain the following information

-> Presentation of the organization chart and the different professions

-> Product presentation

-> Presentation of the company, its history, its raison d'être, its values

Monitoring over time

This step will depend on:

  • validation of the trial period ✅ ;
  • the type of contract; the degree of preparation prior to arrival;
  • remote/on-site policies, regularity of exchanges ;
  • of the person, and his or her past culture in the company!

There are several solutions to follow up with employees in order to evaluate the quality of their onboarding, to correct the situation if necessary, and to validate the practices that work:

Regular interviews

  • Interview with HR: S1 / S2 / M1 then M2, to be continued according to needs
  • Meals with monthly buddys

Review with the person how they feel since their arrival, the internal experience, satisfaction, possible areas of improvement, ensuring that the equipment is suitable and that nothing is missing...

Satisfaction Form I Surprise Report

  • Open-ended and very broad questions so as not to bias the answers
  • Ensure that the onboarding process runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Get leads on how to improve for the next ones! 💪🏼

The new generation of computer management

Adopting the Rzilient platform means choosing a simple, fast and efficient onboarding !

-> Equipment ready to use on arrival

-> Pre-configured hardware with the applications of your choice

-> Delivery where (and when!) you want it 📦

-> All orders directly from a single platform

Written by

Éléonore Brunel

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