The iT fleet management platform

Manage your fleet remotely, with ease

Automate your tasks and secure your equipment

Adopt proactive monitoring and save money

rzilient IT management platform for companies

More than 250 SMEs use our solution

Digital Responsibility

Get involved in the green iT

Collaborative tool

Streamlining and facilitating IT for all

Our SaaS platform offers a simplified interface for SMBs and centralized asset management and automated iT operations for experts.

SMEs and startups

Facilitate and automate the management of your equipment, and access our integrated remote services.

Rzilient platform company expert-it

iT Experts

Focus on your expertise, streamline your customer relationships and save time on a daily basis.

You have everything to gain!


Plan and optimize your iT financial expenses and benefit from our financing solutions.


Delegate time-consuming tasks. Automate your on/offboarding and iT support request processes.


Extend the life of your fleet, and save on carbon emissions.


Employee management and asset tracking

Simply anticipate the arrival of your new employees, and circularize their equipment when they leave.

  • Integrated purchasing and pre-configuration

  • Cleaning and resetting the device

  • Takeover of equipment and financial upgrading

Rzilient platform management it onboarding offboarding
Rzilient fleet management platform
Intuitive control

Dynamic inventory and integrated iT services

Take advantage of a simplified interface and easily manage all your IT issues from a single platform.

  • MDM and RMM connections

  • IT service accessible by chat, directly on the platform

  • Reassignment of equipment

iT Room

Automated and predictive monitoring

Benefit from our AI innovation and anticipate your next IT expenses and actions.

  • Financial and accounting views, easily and in real time

  • Integrated iT expertise available in a few clicks, simply

  • Durability report to extend the life of your equipment

Rzilient intelligent fleet management and tracking platform
Rzilient platform management it catalog
Multi-vendor catalog

100% iT Marketplace, dedicated to professionals

Access the best in computer equipment, and find the model that fits your needs.

  • New and reconditioned equipment, 12 months warranty

  • Available for leasing or purchase

Technology partners

Integrations to make your life easier

Implement the latest security tools and policies in your organization: productivity and collaboration software, hard drive encryption, remote lock and wipe, antivirus, VPN, and more.

Rzilient IT management platform integration

Our clients testify

Our iT management is much simpler since we turned to Rzilient. They responded quickly to our requests and allow us to keep an eye on all our devices. Efficient service, attentive staff. Leasing has reduced our expenses, and our carbon footprint!


One less load, for more performance on our side.

Valeriya Mennerun

Employee Experience Coordinator

Our IT management has been greatly simplified! The service was more than adapted to our needs, and Rzilient knew how to adapt to our growth and to our growing needs. And from a pricing point of view, the proposal was adapted to our budget.

Sarah Nauvomic

Office Manager

We needed a solution to centralize our iT, and gain efficiency. Rzilient served us this solution on a platter: with their all-in-one SaaS platform: onboarding, optimization of our budget, punctual actions to extend the life of our devices... They also ensured a smooth and efficient follow-up of our move and installation in our new premises last year. In short, a simple and efficient way to manage our iT!


Myra Saidi

Office Manager

We chose Rzilient for their quality support, their seriousness and their involvement. The material supplied is of very good quality, the delivery is fast, which allows us, despite the sometimes tight deadlines, to meet the requirements of our employees!


Finally, Rzilient's support and service is outstanding. Thanks to them, we are able to contribute to the ecological effort while managing the IT fleet with simplicity.

Laura Le Buhan

Office Manager

As our business is growing, I called on Rzilient to equip our newcomers. The hardware perfectly meets the needs of my tech team, I didn't need to be convinced of the performance of the refurbished one. They delivered 45 computers to us, without a hitch!


In addition, we save money while acting for the good of our planet. I highly recommend it!

Fabio Parisi

IT Manager

Rzilient supports us for a simpler and more sustainable iT management: the platform allows an efficient fleet management, a quick technical assistance, and a real saving of time and serenity. The refurbished offer allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while guaranteeing a level of performance consistent with our needs. We are fully satisfied!

Thomas Ruynart Franzini

General Manager