Combo optimizes inventory management with Rzilient

Combo optimizes inventory management with Rzilient
Abdelkrim Bouchiba
IT Manager

With today's case study, learn about the importance of good IT inventory management and structured offboarding.

Combo, previously known as Snapshift, is THE HR management platform you need if you want to make your life easier. From scheduling to payroll, Combo allows you to manage everything.

Exactly like Rzilient when it comes to your IT :) That's why we are delighted to work with Combo and to present our collaboration to you.

The challenge for Combo: a perfectly managed stock of machines

Our IT manager, Abdelkrim, recently went to Combo's premises to reset some workstations. These were Mac computers.

Abdelkrim cleaned the machines and "reset" them, so that they could be used again by other users. On some Mac machines, there may still be Apple accounts connected to the machine, and this may require expert intervention to disconnect them.

These cleaned and reset machines were then entered into Combo's stock inventory.

To go further :

The main reason for this intervention? To facilitate onboarding and offboarding within the team.

Indeed, by allowing Combo to benefit from an updated and controlled stock of its available machines, the time saved when an employee arrives or leaves the team is important.

No need to search everywhere for an available machine, they are all clearly and easily identified.

We've talked about this before, offboarding is a vital process to master. The automation of this process is possible. Our platform allows you to do so. 👍

As a reminder, offboarding consists of all the actions to be taken when an employee leaves your company. The recovery of the computer equipment, the verification of its good working order, its reinitialization and its assignment to a new user (or its storage) are the main steps to be carried out in an organized and fast way, following the departure.

Rzilient's dual contribution: human support and an all-in-one technology platform

That's not all!

Our IT manager also took the opportunity to organize the inventory of Combo machines on the Rzilient platform.

Rzilient's offering is comprehensive: our all-in-one management platform includes all the features and tasks to manage your IT assets.

But some customers want to be supported during the implementation of the solution, as well as in the management of the change with their teams. Habits don't change in a snap of the fingers, and we are well aware of this. 🙋

And the human contact and expertise provided by our team of IT experts are also an integral part of our added value.

As Abdelkrim said when he came back from his intervention at Combo: "Even though our platform allows you to do all the IT management operations on your own, it is very useful to go and meet our customers to help them get to grips with the Rzilient platform and the good habits associated with it. There' s nothing like being on site to get things started!"

In the end, with Rzilient's IT equipment inventory management, you :

  • have 100% guaranteed visibility on the equipment available in your company,
  • Save a lot of time when identifying, assigning and preparing machines for new users,
  • achieve substantial savings,
  • save your teams a lot of stress!

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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