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transform the iT management of your company.

from equipment supply to support and recycling, save time and money by reducing your iT carbon footprint.

  • WITH OR WITHOUT commitment

    no contribution
    or guarantee.

  • Dedicated

    we take care of you, from A to Z.

  • Coverage
    & insurance

    no hidden costs, you are insured.

  • Reactivity & reliability

    delivery in 72 hours & replacement in 2 days max.

  • dedicated custom interface

    to simply stay operational.

  • Carbon

    RZ calculates your iT footprint.


we easily absorb your complex requirements.

Access easily and at no extra cost the tools and services adapted to the uses of your employees, according to your budget and your technical recommendations.


from the arrival to the departure of your employees, zero stress.

We configure and install the equipment to ensure its proper functioning throughout the life cycle of your iT fleet.


optimize your cash management.

Refurbished is more economical, and leasing allows you to keep your investment capabilities in order to move your iT costs from Capex to Opex.


you can always count on us.

For support and maintenance, our certified experts are available to help you remotely, solve potential incidents and troubleshoot them when necessary.

choose a unique and eco-friendly partner for your iT.

like all the companies that trust us, in complete peace of mind.

Carbon footprint

we help you reduce your iT carbon footprint.

Using a scientific approach, we evaluate the carbon weight of your iT usage and offer you performance indicators and concrete solutions to guide you.

sustainability approach

we manage the refurbishing & recycling of your equipment.

We take care of refurbishing and recycling your equipment in due time, either we put it back on the market or we donate it to NGOs that we are partnering with.

simplify the management of your fleet via a dedicated interface.

coordinate all iT processes with your teams and manage the follow-up of your fleet efficiently & sustainably.

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