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Let's meet Sofia Vignola, Office Manager at PlayPlay.

PlayPlay, a start-up specializing in video creation for businesses, is expanding rapidly. With 230 employees, mainly at its Paris headquarters, but also at its New York and Berlin offices, or working on a fully remote basis, managing IT equipment is a major challenge. That's where rzilient comes in, our all-in-one IT asset management platform, which follows PlayPlay around the world to offer a complete service to its employees, wherever they may be.

Sofia, Office Manager, and Laura, People Care Manager, are the main rzilient users at PlayPlay. Today, we're delighted to share Sofia's experience with our tool and the impact it has had on her day-to-day work. 

Many thanks for your confidence, Sofia!

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Simplified and accelerated onboarding

With sustained growth, PlayPlay recruited between 10 and 20 people a month for an entire six-month period. During this intense period, Sofia and her predecessor spent almost 70% of their time working on :

  • Onboarding new employees: ensure that when a new employee arrives, he or she is allocated a computer adapted to his or her profile and pre-configured according to his or her software needs.
  • Monitoring and updating the computer inventory;
  • Offboarding: recovering computers from departing employees and preparing them for use by a new employee.

Sofia tells us that previously, when she worked for another company, the entire onboarding process took around a day per computer. This approach was viable when the number of arrivals was limited, but with dozens of onboardings per month, it became urgent to find a more efficient solution.

Playplay employees working on their computers © Welcome To The Jungle

Thanks to rzilient, the onboarding process at PlayPlay has been revolutionized. Sofia explains the simple steps she now follows:

  • Log on to the rzilient platform as soon as it is informed of the arrival of a new employee, and enter his or her details.
  • Assign a suitable computer to the newcomer's workstation, using available stock or placing a new order if necessary.
  • Validate onboarding on the platform... and that's it!

All Sofia has to do now is wait for the computer to be delivered, and she can hand it over directly to the new employee without having to carry out any configuration work. In fact, the rzilient team takes care of pre-configuring the computer andinstalling all the necessarysoftware at the workstation. This automation has considerably reduced Sofia's stress levels, allowing her to devote more time to other essential tasks.

With IT onboarding procedures requiring just 5 minutes of their day (vs. a full day previously), they can now concentrate on the other aspects of an onboarding procedure, such as setting up a skills enhancement plan or liaising with teams to facilitate the introduction of new talent.

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Playplay team working together on a Macbook © Welcome To the Jungle

Inventory optimization and financial savings

One of the most popular features of the rzilient platform at PlayPlay is theinventory of IT equipmentwhether assigned to employees or stored within the company. This feature has enabled PlayPlay to draw up a precise inventory of its IT assets and check the allocation of equipment to employees.

This feature is all the more valuable for a company that welcomes new employees every week, for whom it will not be necessary to order new equipment if the stock is properly inventoried and tracked. 

As a result, PlayPlay has saved time and money on its procurement budget.

Playplay employee at his workstation © Welcome To The Jungle

Free up time for high-impact CSR actions

Thanks to the time and energy saved by rzilient, the People team at PlayPlay can now concentrate on other high-impact projects. They can devote more resources to developing CSR actions and creating value for their employees.

Sofia sums up the experience perfectly: "IT onboardings in just a few minutes: a dream come true in my daily life as Office Manager! I can now prioritize and develop other high value-added projects for our employees at PlayPlay."

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