Top 5 cybersecurity challenges for small and medium-sized businesses

Top 5 cybersecurity challenges for small and medium-sized businesses

The 5 cybersecurity challenges for small and medium-sized businesses and how to overcome them

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for companies, and it also concerns VSEs and SMEs.

Is your company well protected against various types of computer attacks?

Do you know the risks associated with a cybersecurity breach? 💻

And what are the main challenges facing cybersecurity issues in SMEs?

We discover this little-known subject for small businesses, and propose concrete solutions to protect your company.

The different types of computer attacks

SMEs are generally less well protected against cybercrime than large companies. With fewer resources and less experience, they are a prime target.

And yet the impact of an attack can be very significant. ⚡⚡⚡

According to a recent study, the average cost of a data theft attack in a small business is €22,500.

Among the different types of attacks are:

  • Phishing: these are emails sent by cybercriminals that appear to come from a safe and credible source, but in reality are intended to steal your personal information, make you pay a sum of money fraudulently, or make you perform other actions of interest to the attackers.
  • Ransomware: This software requires you to pay a ransom, otherwise your personal data will be published publicly or access to your computer services will be permanently blocked.
  • Malware: this term covers a wide range of computer intrusion software techniques (viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, etc.)
  • Denial of Service (Do S): attackers overwhelm your company's computer servers with requests, taking them out of service.
  • Password attacks : cybercriminals use various means to recover the passwords used to connect to your sensitive services (your online banking space, for example) or use "brute force" methods that consist of trying to connect to your services with numerous passwords until they find the right one.

Cybersecurity: the 5 challenges facing SMEs

As you can see, cybercriminals are - unfortunately - very clever!

SMEs face particular challenges, which we will now address.

Challenge #1: Limited resources

SMEs simply do not have the resources of a large group.

They often don't have a dedicated cybersecurity team, or even the means to pay for the services of an expert consultant.

The solution is then to prioritize the actions considered, for example using the Rzilient management platform, accessible to small budgets 😀

You then have access to a very powerful solution, offering you a real democratization of the protection against cyber attacks !

Challenge #2: Lack of experience

This challenge is related to the first one.

Along with the lack of resources, there is often a lack of expertise and experience with cybersecurity issues.

Cybersecurity is not always part of the corporate culture, in SMEs.

However, it is possible - with our solution - to anticipate breakdowns, in order to reduce their occurrence very significantly.

Having an IT expert on your team is no longer mandatory. We offer you a simple and flexible solution to protect you.

Challenge #3: IT disorganization

Many small businesses tackle problems in the order in which they arise.

They do not have a well-defined process in terms of IT.

It is imperative to have a proven methodology to effectively combat cyber attacks. 😎

One of the key advantages of the Rzilient platform is that it allows you to anticipate problems and actions to be taken, as well as the associated costs. This structuring is included in our offer.

Challenge #4: The difficulty of achieving IT security unification

Sometimes, the computer park of a small or medium-sized business consists of a collection of disparate computer systems, without any specific work on computer security.

The solution to manage your IT security effectively is to unify it.

In concrete terms, this means that each machine in the IT fleet is equipped with a tool that centralizes cybersecurity information, which is included in our Rzilient platform :)

Challenge #5: The solutions to be implemented, another difficulty?

There are many technical solutions, but they are not always easy to implement, either because of lack of time or expertise:

  • implement dual authentication,
  • choose secure passwords,
  • install an efficient antivirus,
  • Track and protect sensitive data.

Adopting Rzilient's solution gives you the peace of mind of a secure IT infrastructure, while saving a lot of time and money compared to other solutions.

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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