How do you offboard an employee?


When an employee leaves your company, follow the offboarding procedure on the "Employees" page.

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If the employee who is about to leave your company is using a MacBook, make sure he or she has logged out of their iCloud account before returning the computer to avoid being locked out once they return to your stock (tutorial link).

If you choose to reset your equipment remotely, you must meet the following conditions for the request to be effective:

- The computer must be enrolled in the MDM;

- It must be switched on, plugged into the mains and connected to the Internet;

- The user session must be unlocked, especially if it's a MacBook whose hard disk is encrypted via FileVault.

After the reset, the computer will be :

- reset (factory setting)

- de-enrolled from MDM

- always inventoried on the platform and allocated to stock

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