The importance of automation in office management

The importance of automation in office management
"IT management is time-consuming and redundant. It takes up my time every day, and there are always problems.

In many VSEs and SMEs, IT management is a time-consuming and dreaded burden, and it's often the Office Managers and HR teams who have to deal with it.

But the role goes far beyond IT management...

Let's take the case of Office Managers, who have a central, even strategic mission! They take action to boost staff well-being, manage thesupply of IT equipment, facilitate the progress of projects and communication between teams, avoid errors, save everyone time... In short, this function offers you a real oiling of the wheels of your company.

But this doesn't have to be the case. Numerous solutions exist to facilitate IT management and free up time and energy for your employees.

In this article, we take a look at the automation options available to simplify and optimize the management of your IT assets.

The future of work in HR

Automation offers many benefits:

  1. Time savings: Automating repetitive tasks frees up time for more strategic, high-value activities.
  2. Error reduction: Minimize human error, improving work accuracy.
  3. Greater efficiency: automated processes are faster and more effective
  4. Enhanced compliance: Ensure consistent compliance with policies and regulations.

And there are many processes to automate for people functions.

  • Management of meeting room reservations ;
  • Computer asset management ;
  • Recruitment ;
  • Follow-up of projects and tasks ;
  • HR and administrative tasks ;
  • Follow-up of banking operations...

As you can see, automation has its place and importance in office management processes.

How about concentrating a little more on the tasks involved in managing your IT assets?

How can you automate IT management with rzilient?

It's hard to be satisfied with a situation where an Office Manager spends long hours entering data into an Excel file for tracking IT assets, rather than using a dedicated platform, for example.

Or that your HR team has to spend a whole day buying and configuring a computer for a new recruit.

However, these are situations that rzilient's teams frequently encounter at the start of a partnership with our customers.

The rzilient platform is designed to save you time in your IT management.

And it also means automating a whole range of low-value tasks, thanks to software integrations with a number of recognized partners.

Here's a run-down of the main tasks your team can automate thanks to these partnerships.

Automated IT onboarding

You've just raised funds, it's back-to-school or January, and you're expecting a large number of new employees to join your company.

By connecting your HRIS to our platform, you can benefit from integrated automation for a wide range of tasks!

As soon as you enter information about the arrival of a new employee in your HRIS, it will be automatically integrated into your rzilient platform.

Lucca, Payfit, HiBob, ADP, Cegedim, Personio and many others HRIS connect to the rzilient platform.

With rzilient, you can pre-configure your new employees' IT equipment and manage their access, quickly, easily and centrally from our platform.

In just a few days, the equipment will be configured and sent to the employee.

When your new employee arrives, he or she will be in the very comfortable position of being able to switch on his or her computer, with all the applications he or she needs to work pre-configured. As part of the security process, an email is also included to change their secret code.

Over 50 everyday applications are automatically integrated into the pre-configuration.

You probably know them: Slack, Calendly, Hubspot, Qonto, monday, Notion, Loom and many more!

In other words, this "little detail" can boost the motivation of your new recruits and make your onboarding easier.

And yet, your Office Manager or HR department won't have had to do anything special to achieve this result, apart from remotely importing the tools onto the desired computer (an action that takes just a few minutes)!

Automated IT offboarding

Are any of your employees moving on to new horizons?

Here too, offboarding requires a special process to stay organized, save time and money.

Same process, enter the information in your HRIS and, thanks to automation, the information will be sent directly to rzilient.

Do you have a lot of useless, unreset equipment sitting in your cupboards?

When your employee leaves, the computer is completely cleaned remotely, secured and returned to your inventory.

And do you, like many companies, have a lot of useless licenses paid for every month?

When your employees leave, automation also allows you to delete unnecessary licenses. No more money wasted on unused licenses.

Your IT assets automatically secured

Today, cybersecurity and data security are a must.

That's why rzilient is also integrated with numerous tools that enable you to secure and control your IT assets remotely, thus functioning as an MDM: Jamf, Kandji, Miradore, Workspace One and others.

You can now configure and deploy best security practices for your IT assets via a wide range of connected applications.

Back-to-school resolution 2023

As we support our customers day after day, we've come to realize a number of realities. That's why we felt it was essential to deploy a number of automations to facilitate your experience on the platform and your day-to-day IT management.

For the start of the 2023 school year, focus on automating your HR processes, especially IT management tasks!

Written by

Audrey Pogu

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