MDM, the essential tool for VSEs and SMEs

MDM, the essential tool for VSEs and SMEs

Why and how to implement an MDM in your organization?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that manages an organization's IT fleet of mobile devices (computers, mobiles, tablets), to optimize their operation and security, regardless of the device's operating system. 💻


MDM is not just for large enterprises: it is also an advantage for small and medium-sized businesses, providing cost savings and customized configuration according to each organization's policies and standards.

In addition to simplifying the use and management of many business mobile devices, MDM makes it easier to maintain your devices and secure your data.


In 2021, one out of two companies (54%) declares having suffered between one and three cyber attacks (CESIN). 6 out of 10 companies report that their business has been impacted and that they have suffered significant financial consequences: 14% of victim companies had to spend more than 50,000 euros to get back on their feet (Orange Cyberdefense).

Remote management

Centralize and simplify your iT management

Once an organization's teams are connected to the Internet with a mobile device, MDM is essential for remote management, especially if the company has adopted flexible device management, policies such as Bring Your Own Device or remote/hybrid work environments.

The implementation of a Mobile Device Management solution allows to :

  • perform onboarding ;
  • do the offboarding ;
  • run updates through FOTA (Firmware Over the Air); manage OS / operating systems;
  • deploy security policies on devices;
  • control the errors of an entire fleet of terminals;
  • perform troubleshooting; block a device in case of loss or theft;
  • make an inventory of active terminals;
  • monitor communications in real time.

All of these features are centralized and integrated on rzilient's SaaS platform. ⚡️

Data security

The implementation of an MDM in an organization allows to avoid the leakage of sensitive data, in case of loss, theft or hacking. Having the ability to manage all devices remotely and perform various actions quickly becomes in this context a major asset that allows in a single click to :

-> geolocate the device ;

-> block it and wipe.

For that, some preliminary actions are to be set up to ensure a good security:

  • enroll the devices;
  • update the operating systems ;
  • deploy applications and updates;
  • deploying security policies.

Implementing an MDM in your organization

Mobile Device Management solutions encompass the management of: devices, applications, security and network services.

This sprawling management represents a real challenge for any business or iT manager, in terms of time or financial resources.

To alleviate this responsibility and concern, why not outsource your mobile device management? 🚀

-> Make significant savings

-> Relieve your teams

-> Implement increased security

-> Benefit from the expertise of a specialized company.

To choose the offer that best suits your needs, here are some sample questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the offering have remote wiping and locking capabilities?
  • Does it offer the possibility to manage all the settings of your mobile devices, etc?
  • Do you have regular reports on the operating status of your terminals and any breakdowns that may occur?
  • Does the company offer remote support solutions?

The new generation of computer management

Choosing the rzilient SaaS platform and its integrated MDM solution means:

  • Easy activation of MDM control
  • Facilitating software security and deployment
  • Instant, efficient and human iT expert support
  • Modern overview and fleet management
  • Orders directly from the platform

Join our platform - for integrated MDM solutions.

Written by

Éléonore Brunel

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