Why did Lucca choose rzilient to manage its IT assets?


Lucca is a major player in the development of HR and financial solutions, offering innovative tools that simplify the day-to-day work of HR.

Faced with constant growth, the company, Lucca, has seen a significant expansion in its workforce, recruiting 220 new talents in 2023. This momentum continues, with a further 165 new hires forecast for 2024, with the ambitious goal of reaching 1,000 employees by 2025.

In this context, we take a look at Lucca IT Manager Yani Halma's strategy for effectively managing 1,000 people across 6 sites by 2025. Overseeing a 4-strong IT team, Yani plays a role in establishing processes to ensure that Lucca's employees work optimally and efficiently with the right IT equipment.

IT processes not adapted to a fast-growing company

Yani found it difficult to manage the hardware, constantly updating drivers and software, dealing with network performance problems and overseeing the management of a computer park spread over 6 sites, with computers whose trace was sometimes lost.

Manual hardware management

Initially, IT asset management at Lucca was entirely manual, with scattered information.

Two sources of information were used:

  • Lucca was to collect employee data.
  • MDMs for accessing computer information.

Finally, the information was centralized in 1 single excel file.

For a Mac, we had to go into JAMF, then into Lucca to identify the user and update our file.

Unreliable data on computer equipment

However, this method had its limitations:

It was time-consuming for Yani and her department, and they were never sure of the accuracy of the data, as they weren't sure whether the excel file was up to date. What's more, the IT team used the same excel file for onboarding and offboarding.

We came back to the Excel file 3 weeks later and wondered if it was still up to date.

The time-consuming nature of this task has led to less and less buy-in from its IT team.

Adopting a connected IT asset management platform

So, with his CTO, they set out to find a solution that would automate the management of HR actions and have Lucca and IT equipment data updated directly on the same platform...

Choosing rzilient for IT asset management

They then chose rzilient, and Yani now has quick and easy access to fleet information, all on a single platform. The process is now much simpler: simply purchase IT equipment, register it in the MDM, enroll the employee in Lucca, and it all comes together automatically!

See how Lucca integration works on the rzilient platform

Surprising discoveries

Following rzilient's integration with the MDM, Lucca's IT Manager was able to identify workstations with errors. Some of them had no assigned user, while others had users without an associated machine.

We were able to recover a dozen workstations that we hadn't migrated because we had users who didn't have a machine.

It also identified users with multiple workstations.

In just 2 or 3 glances, we were able to identify all these errors on the rzilient platform.

Saves IT team time on onboarding and offboarding

The renewal of Lucca's IT equipment includes around a hundred machines. The rzilient solution saved them a considerable amount of time. As a result, they were able to concentrate on ancillary projects such as integrating autopilot for developer workstations.

Lucca's challenges in 2024

As a fast-growing company, Lucca needs to improve its various processes in order to reach a workforce of 1,000 by 2024. One of Yani's major projects for this year is the automation of employee on- and offboarding processes, as well as process management with a roadmap. In addition, he plans to implement the rzilient catalog in the near future. This will enable Lucca to order new or refurbished IT equipment, available for purchase or rental, and delivered quickly.

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