What are the different use cases when offboarding?


Whatever the case, we recommend that you systematically reset the computer of any employee leaving your company, to ensure that all data is deleted.

When offboarding, choose reset as the de-provisioning option. This will result in resetting, de-registration from the MDM and allocation to stock.

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Use cases:

1. Your employee is in the office and must return his or her equipment when leaving

2. Your employee works remotely and has to return his equipment when he leaves.

Make sure you physically recover the computer when the employee leaves.

3. Your employee keeps his computer when he leaves

We advise you to reset the computer. It will then be de-enrolled from the MDM and assigned to your stock account.

On the "Fleet" page, select it and remove it from the fleet. It will then be removed from your fleet inventory on the platform.

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