Why digitize HR processes?

Why digitize HR processes?

Do you hear a lot about the digitalization of business? The trend is also affecting HR! And yet, only a minority of very small businesses in France are interested in digitizing their human resources processes.

Why is it a good idea to take an interest? Find out in this article.

We begin by defining the concept, its scope and its main challenge: the low level of interest among France's very small businesses in digitizing their HR activities.

Then we give you the main benefits (and there are many) of digitizing your HR, and finally, we help you identify and overcome the obstacles to moving forward effectively.

What is HR digitalization?


Digitizing your HR processes means using digital technologies to carry out your company's key HR tasks.

The aim is to integrate IT tools and systems into :

  • recruitment;
  • training;
  • pay;
  • leave and absence management;
  • employee performance management.
  • iT management

This strategy should not be underestimated. Indeed, today, companies that digitalize their HR processes gain in competitiveness, thanks to the many associated advantages.


Here are some examples of actions that can be digitized as part of this approach:

  • management and dispatch of pay slips;
  • management of personnel files (reminders of medical check-up dates, compulsory training deadlines, etc.);
  • automation and generation of HR KPIs;
  • recruitment campaigns ;
  • sending employment contracts.

The issue: the low level of HR digitalization in French VSEs

A survey conducted by Sage with OpinionWay reveals the following statistics:

However, there is a significant bias in the survey: it was mainly very small companies that responded. In larger companies, ETIs and major groups, there is no other solution than to integrate HR digitalization into practices. Managing thousands of employees manually would be impossible (or very costly)!

But why deprive yourself of digitalizing your HR actions when you're a small business? After all, the approach offers many benefits and is affordable!

What are the benefits of digitizing HR?

Time-saving and efficient

Human resources management processes are often long and tedious.

By digitizing your HR processes, you can automate them, saving your team time and increasing their productivity.

Cost reduction

Digitizing HR reduces the costs associated with human resources management, particularly those related to :

  • processing employee requests;
  • payroll management ;
  • and leave management.

Streamlining internal communication

Digitizing also improves communication between your HR department and your employees, especially in the context of remote working, or a multi-site company with a centralized HR department at head office.

And let's not forget that paper and Excel files are lost and a source of errors!

Enhanced employee experience

Many HR tasks are repetitive and pointless, such as managing vacation requests. But with an online dashboard, your employees are autonomous, and your HR department saves an enormous amount of time.

This improves the employee experience, giving them greater autonomy and independence. And it makes life easier for your HR team, boosting motivation and productivity. They can also concentrate on higher value-added tasks.

Your employees can also more easily access information about their collaboration with the company, and take advantage of numerous online HR services.

Secure and better manage HR data

Digitizing HR also makes it possible to store and manage employee data and information more efficiently.

Information is always up to date, and you benefit from an overview of all employee data.

Finally, digitization brings a higher level of security to exchanges and data, as well as compliance with the provisions of the RGPD.

Generating a ripple effect towards more digital HR practices

Thanks to the digitalization of your HR department and its increased skills in this area, you'll also benefit from easier implementation of more advanced practices, such as automatic CV sorting during the recruitment phase (which is associated with significant time savings).

Programmatic HR is also one of the technologies of the future: it enables you to distribute your job offers in an automated way, while proposing a personalized offer to each targeted candidate.

Your candidate approach process is automated from A to Z:

  • identification of candidates ;
  • CV qualification ;
  • distribution and optimization of recruitment campaigns.

What are the limits to digitizing HR?

According to a study conducted by Infopro Digital Études for Sopra HR Software and L'Usine Digitale, companies are encountering the following problems when it comes to digitizing their HR:

Let's take a look at these main obstacles, to help you overcome them more easily!

Risk of dehumanization

The first risk, which is a source of resistance on the part of teams, is that of dehumanizing human resources management processes.

Some employees may indeed feel excluded and disconnected from their company when they are denied the opportunity to interact with people to resolve their problems and requests.

The solution consists of :

  • identify these sensitive people as soon as the new technologies are introduced;
  • to offer them personalized training and support;
  • while providing them, where necessary, with incentives or encouragement to adapt to the new processes.

Financial cost of digitization

Another common problem? The financial cost of HRIS tools.

Here, the aim is to promote the savings that can be made by using these new technologies. In most companies, the return on investment is rapid!

However, this cost becomes a real problem when the tool selected is ill-suited to your company's real needs. To overcome this obstacle, it's a good idea to analyze your expectations before selecting a technological solution.

Need for technical skills and training

Finally, digitizing your HR means training your teams to equip them with the necessary technical skills.

To achieve this, you can adopt the following approach:

  • take stock of your team's skills;
  • to precisely target training needs;
  • Roll out the required training, with regular refresher courses;
  • and integrate this training into youronboarding processes.

Digitizing iT fleet management

When you digitize your HR processes, you also digitize your iT fleet management. Rzilient's SaaS platform can help you manage your fleet with

  • an intelligent inventory that allows you to link your employees and your equipment.
  • simplified on/offboarding.
  • remote equipment management...

The aim is to save you organization, time and money 🙌

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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