Slow computers: Checklist and IT tips for Macs and PCs

Slow computers: Checklist and IT tips for Macs and PCs

Are your employees' computers starting to show signs of slowing down? 🐢

Don't panic, rzilient is here to help. Our IT experts have put together a complete, step-by-step checklist for Mac and PC. 

Bring your employees' computers back to life (and fast). The simple steps we suggest can optimize the performance of your iT park and deliver a smoother computing experience for your team.

To help you save time on a daily basis and use the best tools available, we've created a list of the most effective solutions.

You've got a lot to do on a daily basis. 📅 Checking what's slowing down the computer of the new trainee or your accounting assistant shouldn't be on your list of prerogatives!

We offer a simple solution: pass on the link to our checklist to your colleague. 📧 or download the notion page on your internal Notion. 

He'll be able to follow it step by step to solve his computer slowness problem, completely independently!

Download the checklist to speed up your team's computers!

And to give you an initial idea of what our checklist contains, here are the key points.

Back up your data securely

Before plunging into your computer's cleaning operation, take a few moments to back up your essential data! You'll gain peace of mind, avoiding any potential loss during the process. 👏

Uninstall unnecessary programs

Free up space on your hard disk by uninstalling unused or unknown programs. Follow our detailed guides to uninstalling programs on Windows and Mac, and (re)give your computer the space it needs to breathe. 🌬️

Keep your operating system up to date

Regular updates not only close security loopholes, they also improve your system's overall performance. Make sure your operating system and drivers are always up to date by following our step-by-step instructions. 📄

Free up space on your hard disk

A cluttered hard disk can slow down your computer considerably. Use your operating system's built-in cleaning tools to identify and remove unnecessary files. We'll guide you step-by-step through these processes, on both Windows and Mac. 💻

Disable startup programs

Some programs launch automatically at startup, which can delay the startup of your computer. ⏲️

Deactivate non-essential programs. We give you detailed instructions on how to do it!

Protect your system against online threats

An antivirus is your shield against malware. If you don't already have one, download and install reliable antivirus software. Make sure you also run regular scans to keep your computer system totally secure. 🛡️

Discover our guide to securing your company's workstations!

Optimize your feed parameters

Adjust your power settings to improve your computer's performance. Follow our instructions on Windows and Mac to achieve the perfect balance between computer performance andenergy savings. ⚡

And we've also given you some everyday tips to boost your PC! Discover them in the rzilient checklist to make your computer really fast!

Written by

Audrey Pogu

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