Our opinion on Chrome OS: its advantages and disadvantages

Our opinion on Chrome OS: its advantages and disadvantages
Quentin de Lambert

Do you know Chrome OS?

This operating system was developed by Google, based on the Google Chrome web browser.

Its purpose? Chrome OS is designed to be light, fast, and secure, and it's particularly well suited for use with web applications and online services.

You can access a variety of Google applications and services, such as :

  • Gmail;
  • Google Docs ;
  • Google Drive;
  • Google Calendar;
  • And many more!

Third-party applications are also available in the Google Play Store.

On a technical level, Chrome OS uses a Linux kernel and can run Android applications.

If you're considering deploying Chrome OS in your business, it's worth looking at its main advantages, but also its disadvantages, to avoid disappointment 🙂

By the way, this is Quentin de Lambert, co-founder of Rzilient. I'm glad to welcome you for this detailed review of Chrome OS!

The benefits of Chrome OS

A technological advance

First of all, I wanted to share this test of Chrome OS with you because I think it is a real technological innovation that brings value to the market.

Being able to install an OS directly on a web browser, and use all of Google's software solutions in one place, is very useful in many contexts.

In addition, Chrome OS was designed to be fast and responsive, even on low-powered devices. Finally, it boots up quickly and updates are automatic.

An OS aligned with the objectives of Green IT

To perform my tests, with the aim of providing you with my opinion, I used one of my old computers, dating from 2016.

Despite the advanced age of the machine used, I was able to work quite normally.

Chrome OS is not very greedy, so it adapts very well to a use in a digital sobriety approach. There's no need to buy the most powerful computer on the market, reusing machines that are 5 to 10 years old is just fine!

Chrome OS fits perfectly into your green IT approach.

Simple and intuitive to use

If you're already familiar with the Chrome browser, you can easily use a Chromebook running Chrome OS.

Its interface is intuitive and easy to use.

A soft cost

To work with Chrome OS, the ideal is to buy a Chromebook, which runs natively under Chrome OS.

Its advantage is that it is often cheaper than Windows and Mac laptops!

The disadvantages of Chrome OS

A high level of security

Since Chrome OS works exclusively with Google and Play Store tools, and the operating system is regularly updated, security might seem strong.

It is also impossible to install executables and applications are run in containers isolated from each other.

For these reasons, some consider Chrome OS to be one of the most secure operating systems.

I don't think so. Indeed, one of the major problems with Chrome OS is the following limitation, which represents a vital aspect for the security of your machine: theimpossibility of installing an anti-virus on this operating system.

So you depend on Google's ability to control the security level of your computer!

A problem of compatibility with MDMs

Among the main obstacles to the daily use of Chrome OS, I also want to alert you to its lack of compatibility with MDMs on the market.

In fact, Chrome OS is only compatible with one MDM, that of Google: Google Workspace, with the Enterprise license.

To use the tool in your company, it is therefore necessary to have the skills in-house, which is not always the case.

In addition, in my opinion, Google Workspace is not the best performing MDM on the market and Google is still far from reaching the quality and performance level of its competitors in this segment.

Not an easy installation

To install Chrome OS, let's be clear, you have to know a little bit about it. You have to like to get your hands into IT to do it. I even asked my IT experts to install it for my tests.

However, for an experienced user, the process is relatively simple and smooth. All the important data to be kept is saved on Google Drive, with no risk of data loss.

Difficulties in case of intensive use

I really enjoy the daily use of Chrome OS, but only up to a point!

If you use a lot of tabs in your browser and participate in a video conference at the same time, Chrome OS starts to saturate and its performance drops quickly.

However, there are practical solutions! I advise you for example to reduce the tabs you do not use, and accept that Chrome OS has some small bugs (not blocking) ...

If one accepts these limitations, the tool remains powerful.

The need for an Internet connection

To use Chrome OS, you need to be connected to the Internet, although some applications can be used offline.

However, if you are regularly roaming, without a reliable Internet connection, this can be a problem.

Conclusion: an ideal OS for light needs

Chrome OS has many advantages, but its disadvantages make it a solution to be used only in certain contexts, without major needs. To take two concrete examples:

  • Administrative assistance activity (hospitals, stores, VSEs, etc.);
  • Use by a business developer, not using a very advanced CRM.

Chrome OS then proves to be very practical!

For traditional activities, the tool also allows to manage the software inventory. Indeed, on each account, the administrator can know who is connected and which applications are used (by making a link with the Google MDM solution).

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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