The 100% Zero Touch experience: automated IT asset management for Pandacraft

The 100% Zero Touch experience: automated IT asset management for Pandacraft

Rzilient has been delighted to work with Pandacraft for several months now. The Paris-based company publishes a magazine for children (aged 1 to 12), as well as a range of edutainment products. And it works! The company is growing steadily and launching new offers.

Our IT expert Fabio recently spoke at Pandacraft, alongside their CTO, Thomas.

Here's a look back at the details of the presentation. Another opportunity to illustrate in a very concrete and practical way what you can expect from Rzilient on a daily basis.

A successful intervention

The objectives: Jamf Pro and Zero Touch

The main objective of the intervention was to configure Apple Business Manager with Jamf Pro in Pandacraft's IT infrastructure.

Let's take this opportunity to remind you that Jamf Pro is a solution offered by Apple, enabling companies to manage and secure their fleets of Apple devices. This includes iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Jamf Pro offers features such as :

  • remote configuration ;
  • application deployment ;
  • management of security policies and software updates ;
  • as well as inventory and user tracking.

Jamf Pro's main aim is to simplify the management of Apple devices on a large scale, offering a fluid and secure user experience.

A second objective of our intervention was to set up a Zero Touch workflow.

Pandacraft on the road to Zero Touch

The Zero Touch ❔

With the growth in the size of IT fleets and the number of connected devices, IT managers are increasingly turning to "zero-touch" remote configuration and management. The aim? Simplify large-scale hardware deployments.

Zero Touch enables IT devices to be configured and updated from a central location, offering gains in terms of speed, consistency and efficiency. The approach also reduces costs and human error, making it a valuable method for time-sensitive, mission-critical deployments.

During the operation, Fabio was able to :

  • configure Apple, Jamf and Google tools;
  • test the deployment workflow for a Mac Zero Touch;
  • propose a demo to the customer, to present the user experience of an employee receiving his or her PC freshly reset or fresh out of the box.

Finally, we took advantage of this on-site intervention to integrate all their tools with the Rzilient platform. Pandacraft can now find all their Jamf-enrolled devices on their Rzilient inventory, in just a few clicks!

Computer wipe demonstration

Fabio also demonstrated a wipe (or reset). In practical terms, this involves resetting an employee's computer to zero, when he or she leaves the company, for example.

The computer is then in a state where all you need to do is connect to the wifi network to carry out the set-up, following the workflow set up for Zero Touch.

The intervention went perfectly. The entire Pandacraft team really appreciated the simplicity and smooth operation of the workflow.

What next?

And of course, the Rzilient team remains at the disposal of the Pandacraft teams (as of all our customers) to help the company deploy the applications it needs.

The longer-term objective? To switch Pandacraft's entire hardware fleet to leasing management with Rzilient's offer.

Leasing? It's a solution that offers many advantages over purchasing IT equipment. Under a long-term leasing contract, your company rents IT hardware (computers, servers or network equipment) from a specialized supplier. Instead of buying the hardware, you pay a monthly fee for the provision of the equipment for a fixed period. This significantly reduces initial costs, gives you better control over your cash flow, and means you benefit from regular software and technology updates!

Pandacraft also plans to systematize the use of Rzilient for onboarding and offboarding, directly from the platform, using Zero Touch. The hardware will arrive at Pandacraft preconfigured, totally secure and with all authorizations and accesses already set.

Significant time savings, and big savings to boot!

A 100% Apple fleet and a profitable business!

Pandacraft is a fast-growing company that has been profitable since 2018.

The fifty or so employees work exclusively on Macs and are delighted to be able to manage their IT assets with Rzilient's all-in-one platform.

The next step? Configure all the applications needed to carry out their day-to-day work, using the Rzilient platform, of course 🙂

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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