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The equipment.

Team Apple or Team PC?
Anyway, we've got all the equipment you need.

Office automation, Fair Environment or Performance, all types of users will be served.

A little apprehensive about refurbished iT?

We reassure you, here are exactly the reasons and benefits of what we offer:

1. It's up to 70% cheaper.
2 . The material has been revised according to a precise process and codified
3 . The material has a much lower environmental impact than new (material extraction, machining, transport) as well as the social impact (reconditioning carried out in Europe) ♻

In addition, we offer 3 types of reconditioned grades that have no influence on the performance of the material:

A = close to new → may have very slight traces of wear ️B = very good condition → may have light scratches or micro-scratches while keeping a very nice cosmetic look
C = good condition → may have more visible scratches or small impacts
The choice is yours! 🙃

What if I really want new equipment?

That's not our philosophy, sorry. All our equipment is 100% refurbished in Europe. Other suppliers can provide new equipment for you.

How to order the material?

It couldn't be simpler and faster!

Fill out one of the contact request forms, we will get back to you to clarify your need and establish a tailor-made order form. Once you have signed the quotation electronically and made the first payment, the equipment will leave as quickly as lightning, bound for your offices.

What if I need to download softwares to my hardware?

Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you! We help you to install the software, remotely by video :)

The delivery.

What are the delivery times?

For standard requests (products in stock) delivery times are 7 working days maximum, from the date of receipt of payment.
If you wish to deliver directly to your employees, just let us know when you place your order.

In case of delivery problems (abnormally long delay, error in the address, etc.), contact us by email via or directly by chat.

Our prices and invoicing.

What prices?

The price of your contract is fixed at the beginning of the contract. It will remain the same until the end of the contract.

What about bills and payments?

An invoice is sent to you at the beginning of each period, for the current month. It summarizes all the services provided to your company for the month. It is to be paid either by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card, depending on the method of payment chosen at the beginning of the contract. When ordering additional equipment during the month, the pro rata of the current period to be paid will be invoiced on the following invoice.

Any delay in payment may be subject to an increase of 3 times the legal interest rate and 40€ for lump sum compensation, regardless of the offer subscribed to.

What if I'm not satisfied with your services?

Already, we would be saddened by this and will do our utmost to resolve any problems you encounter.

If, despite all our efforts, you are still dissatisfied, we undertake to refund your first instalment and to cancel the contract if this is the case. We do not wish to hold you back forcibly. For any other question or need for additional information we remain at your entire disposal by email via or directly by chat on our site.

What about the resale of the equipment?

You can't take any more of your computer or equipment?

No problem, send us a request for redemption via the form on the site or by email to We will send you back as soon as possible to offer you a buy-back, replacement or even replacement solution.

Our offers & services.

What's really included in your 3 offers? Performance - Fair Environment - Office Automation ?

Maintenance and after-sales service for any technical problem.

Just contact our after-sales service on the chat directly on our website 🕺

Delivery in 7 working days from receipt of payment 🦸

Replacement of equipment in 48 hours ⚡️ ♀ Breakage and theft insurance, with no hidden costs ☔️

We take care of everything!

Are your offers valid for any type of business? And if I am a self-employed entrepreneur, which offer should I choose?

Young and old, we serve everyone. We know that a CAC 40 company will not have the same needs as an ETI. That's why our offers are adapted to any type of entrepreneur.

What's the difference between renting and buying?

The price, the maintenance service, the possibility to be serviced wherever you are, all the advantages in the end! When you buy, you simply have a 1 year guarantee.

Leasing has both economic and ecological benefits: you reduce your Capex, which is a real financial asset in the long term, while acting against digital pollution. No hesitation to have, opt for rental!

We have nevertheless thought of the buyers by offering them extended warranties.

The rental.

How do I add an additional device to my rental?

A simple email to or write to us by chat (directly on the site), we'll get you to sign an order form and off you go! 🚀

How long will the rental last?

At rzilient, we offer a classic 24-month rental arrangement.

However, we know that some of our customers do not want a commitment, so you have the option of taking out a no-commitment option or shorter commitment periods: 12 months, for example.

What if I want to change equipment while I'm renting?

It can be in the middle of your contract, or at the end of it. It's up to you!

How does insurance work?

Breakage or theft, don't panic, you're covered!

A mail to or contact us by chat - directly on our site - and we will help you within 48 hours within the limits of available stocks.

Of course, this option should not be abused. We therefore limit to one renewal during the normal period of use of the device (24 months).

Beyond this period, repair or replacement costs may be charged to the customer. As you can imagine, we wouldn't want to go bankrupt.

How does the D+2 replacement guarantee work?

Let us know the problem you are experiencing and we will consider the best solution to help you replace your machine.
Please note that the data stored on the hardware is not guaranteed. We will do our best to recover it, but we advise you to use a cloud solution in order not to lose your data.

What is included in the after-sales service?

Any malfunction of your device can be the subject of a request for assistance from our after-sales service. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question by email via or by chat directly. Our team will be happy to answer you.
Moreover, for any equipment that would require a heavy repair (several days of immobilization), we will give you a computer on loan, free of charge.

What if I (or an employee has) a problem away from the office?

Our role is to help you wherever you are, so we work with repairers all over France. We will send you to one of our partners and we will find the best solution for you or your employees.

Is there a deposit?

At rzilient's, no bail. The material is already insured.

Can I buy the device I'm renting?

At the end of the life of the device this is possible, usually after the end of your subscription. Before this is not possible.

End of engagement. How's it going?

You ask our customer service to stop your rental in order to take into account the end of your subscription. Then, all you have to do is return the equipment to us.

any more questions?

we'll be happy to answer you as soon as possible!