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How impak Analytics took IT management back into its own hands


Developed by fintech impak Analytics, the SaaS platform of the same name provides data on the social and environmental impact of its customers and their portfolios. It collects and contextualizes data to measure the impact of an investment portfolio for an asset manager, the impact of a corporate universe for a bank, or the impact of a company itself. In short, our customers call on us to assess the financial, social and climate risks that could impact their projects and those resulting from their actions. 

🙌 Thanks to impak's CTO, Cédric de Saint Léger, who shared his feedback on the rzilient platform.

Cédric de Saint Léger, CTO of impak Analytics, shares his experience with the rzilient platform.

Strong motivation to delegate IT asset management

A major recruitment period

In 2022, impak experienced a year of significant growth, resulting in a considerable increase in its workforce. The company currently employs 90 people, mainly in France and Canada. 

However, this development also posed challenges for IT management.

We were no longer able to manage all our equipment needs, which required too much work and different suppliers.

Cédric de Saint Léger, CTO of impak Analytics

Remote working and large waves of new arrivals have made IT asset management and hardware purchasing difficult for impak. To cope with this situation and avoid any disorganization, the company set itself the goal of complying with ISO standards to ensure smoother management of its growing workforce. 🎯

Thanks to this compliance, arrivals and departures within impak are now managed more efficiently, enabling the company to maintain its expansion momentum while ensuring smooth onboarding and a positive employee experience.

A hybrid work organization

impak has opted for a hybrid work organization, combining remote working with physical offices. The company currently has around ten employees in France. Because this hybrid approach requires more meticulous monitoring, it has a remote fleet management solution, called MDM. In concrete terms, this enables centralized, secure management of the devices used by staff, whether they work in the office or remotely.

Camille de rzilient, in charge of follow-up with impak, plays an essential role in providing rapid remote support to admins registered on the platform.

When it comes to IT support, impak has delegated certain tasks, including the remote support aspect. This means that IT problems and requests for assistance are handled by a specialist team at rzilient, enabling staff to benefit from fast, efficient support, regardless of where they work. 👌

Our biggest asset is rzilient's MDM solution and customer support. Today, we don't need an in-house IT department to manage this part.

Cédric de Saint Léger, CTO of impak Analytics

The hybrid approach and the delegation of IT tasks create a truly productive, high-performance work environment. It's the perfect response to employees' changing needs and boosts their productivity!

An impak Analytics employee working on her computer | rzilient

Shared eco-responsible values

By using Rzilient to manage its IT assets, impak ensures that its IT management is aligned with its environmental objectives:

  1. More responsible sourcing: rzilient makes it easy for impak to source reconditioned IT equipment! ♻️ This extends the lifespan of equipment, avoiding the production of new devices for our French teams.
  2. Equipment that lasts longer: Thanks to rzilient's efficient support, impak optimizes the lifespan of its IT equipment. They remain efficient for as long as possible before needing to be replaced. 💻
  3. A recycling cycle: rzilient buys back used IT equipment and recycles it properly! This helps avoid premature disposal and reduces electronic waste.

We're always looking for impact companies to collaborate with

Cédric de Saint Léger, CTO of impak Analytics

By working together, impak and rzilient show how companies with shared ethical values can make a difference to the environment on their own scale.

Easy to manage and time-saving!

impak's HR department uses our platform 100% of the time for every IT fleet management action, and is more than satisfied with our collaboration. 

This year, rzilient has taken its service to a new level

Cédric de Saint Léger, CTO of impak Analytics

The IT aspect of on/offboarding is automated and controlled, including remote on/offboarding, so that employees can receive directly pre-configured equipment. And in the unlikely event of a problem, our customer service team is always on hand to help!

The next step for rzilient is to develop a partnership with impak's reconditioner in Canada. All exceptional requests from rzilient customers are listened to and solutions are proposed.

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