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Operate and collaborate more easily with your existing customers, and let's open up new opportunities together.

Rzilient IT management platform

Manage up to 3x more assets for equivalent resources

Leverage your expertise, automate the rest

Operate efficiently through our all-in-one IT management software and focus on the essentials.

Develop your business with our customers

Meet the SMEs using our solution, operate your expertise and activate new opportunities.

Bring a Green iT commitment to your customers

Adopt responsible digital best practices in your operations and encourage your customers to extend the life of their fleet.

"We thought and developed our solution with the goal of fostering and facilitating collaboration between small and medium-sized businesses and iT professionals. With a simplified interface and comprehensive integrations, we bring all IT topics together on one platform - for financial and non-financial gains."

Alexis Valero

CEO and co-founder

SaaS platform

Offer a complete management tool to your customers

From our solution, your customers can manage their employees and assets, request support and monitor their IT budgets.

  • Financial and accounting views, easily and in real time

  • iT expertise accessible in a few clicks, simply

  • Integrated on/offboarding process, including equipment control

Rzilient software management platform customer tool
computer management software collaboration platform
All-in-one solution

Collaborate more effectively

Through a single platform, work with your customers with up-to-date data, ensure accurate follow-up - and save time!

  • Real-time dynamic inventory

  • Customizable and connected dashboard

  • Common catalog - new or reconditioned, for purchase or rental

iT integrations

Focus on your added value

Stop wasting time on the day-to-day management of your clients' assets and focus on your expertise

  • Automated surveillance with an intelligent agent

  • Real-time alerts and dynamic reporting

  • Integrated and streamlined asset flow management process

Rzilient software management platform agent surveillance

Free for pros - try it now.


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