Tech & IT

Free yourself from time-consuming IT tasks

From preparing work environments to taking care of your employees' needs, automate and delegate the management of your IT assets. Focus on what's important!

More than 250 people put their trust in us

Activate automated IT management. Regain control at any time.

Onboard your employee

Add your new recruit to your HR software. And take advantage of our automations.

+10 HRIS already integrated


Installing applications and opening accounts

From the moment they arrive, and depending on their team, your employees have access to all the tools and applications they need.


Delivery of an adapted workstation within a few days

Equipment will be automatically allocated to your new employee according to his or her predefined profile requirements - from your stock or from our catalog.


Configuration and security

The employee receives a secure, ready-to-use workstation for a smooth experience.

Simply equip yourself

Access a wide choice of reconditioned and new equipment, available for rental or purchase.

Access our IT support

Our Support team answers all your employees' IT questions via online chat.

Keep an eye on your fleet and act fast

Track equipment allocation effortlessly. Take immediate action in the event of loss or theft.


Make the right decisions for your IT and extend the lifespan of your assets with our unique AI innovation.

IT Projects

Our experts will visit your office for your specific projects.

Plan your offboarding

Enter the departure date in your HRIS. That's all there is to it.

+10 HRIS already integrated


Closing accounts and access

Stop paying for unnecessary licenses!


Reset equipment and protect your data

The workstation is cleaned, secured and put back into storage so that it can be reassigned to a future employee.


Workstation collection

The employee receives a return slip to return the equipment to you as quickly as possible.

Save money, instantly

Up to

-30% off your IT purchases

Access our catalog of new and reconditioned equipment, available for purchase or rental, and always at the best price.

Up to

-15% off your subscriptions

Effortlessly detect unused licenses. Automate the opening and closing of accounts on your everyday tools.

Gain in safety (and peace of mind)

Your IT assets - 100% compliant with cybersecurity standards. And without a second thought.

Protection in the event of loss or theft

Remote locking of equipment in just a few clicks for immediate data security.

Deploying security policies

Anti-virus installation and automated hard disk encryption to prevent security breaches

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance

Implementation of cybersecurity best practices to meet certification standards

Choose from the best MDM solutions on the market

Boost your teams' productivity

Detect your teams' IT needs effortlessly.
Offer your technical teams a high-performance working environment

Our clients testify

As our business is growing, I called on Rzilient to equip our newcomers. The hardware perfectly meets the needs of my tech team, I didn't need to be convinced of the performance of the refurbished one. They delivered 45 computers to us, without a hitch!

In addition, we save money while acting for the good of our planet. I highly recommend it!

Fabio Parisi

IT Manager

Their biggest asset: the remote fleet management solution (MDM) and customer support. Today, we don't need an in-house IT department to manage this part of our business.

Cédric de Saint Léger


Thanks to Rzilient's SaaS platform, we have full support for our IT fleet, from security to hardware ordering to support.

Simple, fast and efficient procedures. We have chosen to recondition to reduce our fixed costs and our carbon impact: it's a success!

Matthieu Sigoillot


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