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Managing the IT assets of a growing company? A time-consuming, yet undeniably essential task, which all too often falls to the C-Levels.

Let's meet Alexis KLAHR, CFO of Kolsquare - the Influence Marketing solution based on KOL Marketing techniques.

Kolsquare and rzilient's successful collaboration takes us from managing employees' working environments, to anticipating and preventing the financial and safety issues associated with their growth and remote organization.

From burden to opportunity

As CFO, Alexis was responsible for equipping the employees, which took up a lot of his time and energy.

With 40 employees and a rapid growth trajectory, this organization was becoming increasingly unsustainable for Alexis. He wanted to delegate management, and as quickly as possible. So, it's often at this key moment that an essential question arises: to internalize and recruit an iT Manager? Or outsource and find a service provider?

Recruiting an iT Manager requires a substantial budget and comes with its own set of drawbacks:

  • Average salary at €100k per annum;
  • High recruitment costs ;
  • Need for additional investment in technological tools ;
  • Risk of over-qualification for time-consuming tasks, such as providing IT support to employees, sourcing IT equipment, etc.

Outsourcing the management of your IT assets is the solution of choice. Based on data from our customers, such as Kolsquare, we estimate that rzilient can halve your IT costs. Take the test!

An efficient all-in-one solution

Let's find out how Alexis saved time on a daily basis!

Equipment procurement and sourcing

rzilient has saved Alexis precious hours! From the catalog, accessible from our platform, he can now order his equipment in just a few clicks. Our teams then configure the equipment with the work environment determined at the start of the collaboration, and deliver it to the employee's location. It only takes a few minutes, as opposed to hours!

Onboarding and Offboarding Made Easy

In addition, the management of their onboarding and offboarding is now centralized on their rzilient space. Hardware and software requirements can now be managed and automated directly from the platform, saving Kolsquare valuable time and resources.

rzilient is a great help in planning our on/offboarding and keeping track of hardware and software allocations. Everything is centralized there, and it's really easier for us! Alexis

Optimized substation security

rzilient actively supports Kolsquare teams in securing their working environment. Indeed, thanks to the integration of the rzilient solution with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, cybersecurity policies can be configured and deployed automatically on the computers, tablets and mobiles inventoried on the platform.

Cybersecurity is essential at Kolsquare. Automating the protection of our data and our employees' workstations is a priority, and rzilient works closely with us on this. Alexis

Financial and non-financial benefits

The results are more convincing than ever.

By working with rzilient and giving preference to refurbished products, Kolsquare saves an average of 20% on its equipment expenditure - which has considerably lightened their IT budget.

Beyond the financial benefits, it was theircommitment to Green IT that motivated them to favor refurbished products. The Kolsquare teams are delighted to be able to reduce their common footprint thanks to the carbon emission savings made possible by this choice.

In addition, Alexis avoids the need to hire an in-house IT Manager - a step he would have expected to take when the company passed the 50-employee mark. As a result, Kolsquare not only saves on current costs, but also prepares efficiently for the future. These savings translate into increased profit margins and the ability to invest more in innovation and growth.

At Kolsquare, we wanted to benefit from a high-performance IT park without spending too much time on it. Rzilient provided us with concrete solutions directly from their platform, and comprehensive services to meet all our needs. Today, we can devote more time to our customers and our business, benefiting from the right equipment and the support of a team that listens and reacts when needed. We recommend them 100%! Alexis

This successful collaboration not only enabled Kolsquare to delegate the management of its IT assets, but also freed Alexis and his team from the time-consuming tasks of equipping employees, onboarding, offboarding and managing logistics.

If you too are looking to optimize your IT asset management while making tangible savings, discover our all-in-one platform without further ado.

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