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How does the Rzilient savings calculator work?


Our cost savings simulation tool provides insight into the estimated hours spent on IT-related tasks to support your organization.

From this estimate, we can then estimate the corresponding IT costs.

Calculation of estimated hours spent on computer-related tasks

Based on Rzilient's experience in providing IT services to various organizations, we were able to determine the time it takes our own support agents to complete these tasks on average and then apply it to each of the tasks below.

  • IT and sysAdmin support requests: Number of employees x 0.5 hours
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning of equipment: Number of employees x 0.25 hours
  • Embarkation and disembarkation activities: Number of employees x 0.25 hours
  • Management and monitoring of security on devices: Number of employees x 0.5 hours

Once we have the total estimated hours, we can use that number to determine your company's estimated IT costs.

Calculation of the IT cost estimate

In order to calculate the costs related to your IT management, we multiply the estimated total number of hours spent on IT tasks by the hourly cost of IT support, which we have determined to be 44€.

This figure is based on the following estimate: an organization pays its IT manager(s) or related team members to perform the above tasks approximately €80,000 per year.

The final step is then to add the cost of implementing and maintaining mobile device management (MDM) in your organization (if necessary).

To determine the cost of MDM, we take a static setup fee of €43.3 per user, and then add the monthly fee, which averages €5 per user.

Once we have the above data, our calculator provides the estimated total annual cost of your IT environment.

Compare IT costs with Rzilient and start saving

The final step of our IT cost calculator is to show how much it would cost to support your organization with Rzilient comparatively. Our cost ranges from $7.9 to $49.9, depending on the size of your organization and your needs.

Our intention is to bring transparency into what it takes to power the modern enterprise from an IT perspective.

Of course, all organizations are unique and have their own requirements, but this tool should serve as a baseline to start evaluating your IT expenses.

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