Cybersecurity: understanding everything about this exploding phenomenon

Cybersecurity: understanding everything about this exploding phenomenon

According to INSEE, already in 2019, 68% of the attacks suffered by French companies involved illegal access to an IT system.

Cybersecurity is therefore becoming a key issue for the health of our companies. Rzilient is very active in this area and makes every effort to ensure that our solutions guarantee your security.

Let's discover cybersecurity!

General presentation of cybersecurity

Definition of cybersecurity

So what is cybersecurity?

Its formal definition is as follows. It is the set of :

  • practices, 
  • technologies and software,
  • and processes,

designed to protect computer systems, networks, data and users from threats related to the use of the Internet and information technology.

As you can see, the subject is vast!

Cybersecurity involves, first and foremost, protecting your sensitive data and preventing cyberattacks and intrusions against your business.

To do this, it is important to:

  • detect security incidents
  • to respond effectively,
  • and be able to restore your computer systems in case of an attack or disruption.

The importance of cybersecurity in your business

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue in an increasingly connected world.

By the way, do you still have a computer or smartphone in your company that is not connected to the Internet?

On the other hand, cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to illegally access online data and resources.

And their playground is global! Indeed, it is possible to suffer an attack from an attacker at the other end of the world.

The main challenges of cybersecurity

Many types of attacks and threats exist today, including viruses, malware, phishing attempts, etc.

The concrete consequences of these computer attacks are the following: 

  • theft of your sensitive data
  • account hacking
  • sabotage your computer system.

According to a study conducted by the insurance company Hiscox in 2021, the average total cost of a cyber attack amounts to ... 4 million euros! This figure concerns above all the ETI and large companies. However, in VSEs and SMEs too, the cost of an attack can be relatively high: up to 50,000 euros.

And as far as the sectors concerned, no one is safe anymore! All types of organizations are targeted by cybercriminals: companies, local authorities, individuals, etc.

In short, it is high time to put protective measures in place!

The methods of fighting in cybersecurity

Let's now focus on the main tools to fight against cyber attackers.

These include several key tools:

  • Firewalls,
  • anti-virus software,
  • cryptography,
  • Identity and access management,
  • securing workstations.

Rzilient brings these tools to you as part of our all-in-one managed services platform, so you can work with peace of mind.

Cybersecurity risks

Here are the three most frequently encountered computer security flaws in companies.

Human "weaknesses

The first of the flaws observed in most companies is purely human error.

These include, for example: 

  • passwords that are too simple and therefore easy to guess,
  • a lack of vigilance on the part of users,
  • lack of process for software installations, 
  • of dangerous behaviors using the Internet,
  • too much trust when opening emails from unknown recipients, etc.

All of these small, seemingly innocuous, everyday actions can be gateways for cyber attackers.

The solution? Regularly educate users on best practices.

Security flaws in software and operating systems

A second category of security flaws is found in the applications themselves.

Software that is no longer maintained by its publisher, for example, does not benefit from updates to protect it against possible attacks.

The same goes for operating systems, which must be updated as soon as their publisher requests it.

The solution: a fine-tuned and monitored management of the software installed and used throughout the company.

Note: The Rzilient platform makes it very easy to map the software environment and automatically perform updates.

Sophisticated cyber attacks

The last category of computer flaws are the more technically advanced cyber attacks.

Examples of this are denial of service attacks (DDoS), the use of ransomware, etc.

In the event of such an attack, it is necessary to call upon cybersecurity experts in order to react quickly and effectively, and thus contain the attack.

The solution? Get advanced cybersecurity skills on your team (which can be very expensive), or use a managed services solution, such as Rzilient, where the skills are present.

Cybersecurity best practices

Here are some best practices you can implement, right now in your company, to increase your level of protection against computer attacks:

  1. Choose complex and unique passwords,
  2. Update your software and operating systems regularly,
  3. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading suspicious files,
  4. Use security tools adapted to your needs.

Conclusion: cybersecurity can't wait

Protecting your IT systems can seem like "just another constraint" in the hectic life of entrepreneurship.

But given the real and growing risks associated with an attack, it' s crucial to work in a structured way on cybersecurity in your business.

Continuous efforts are required to keep your data and computer systems secure, and the experts at Rzilient are here to help.

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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