Upgrade your IT assets with Rzilient: savings and a commitment to the environment

Upgrade your IT assets with Rzilient: savings and a commitment to the environment

Are you a company looking for ways to save money? Have you considered upgrading your unused IT equipment? 💻

In a time of economic crisis, when many companies are forced to lay off staff and look for ways to save money, it's essential to explore innovative alternatives to maximize your resources.

There is a solution: resell the equipment you no longer use.

And good news: you can do it directly from your Rzilient account! A great (and quick) way to generate cash! And what's more, the process has an important ecological aspect. 🌳

The financial benefits of upgrading 💵

Upgrading your IT assets with Rzilient is a simple solution for :

  • make the most of IT equipment (computers, printers, etc.) you no longer use;
  • and turn them into an immediate source of cash for your company!

And the money generated in this way is not destined to go to waste.

You caninvest these funds in other projects that will contribute to your company's growth:

  • launch new projects ;
  • strengthen your sales team ;
  • invest in training your teams;
  • multiply your advertising campaigns...

Few companies today are aware of the missed opportunity represented by their under-utilized IT assets. Many are sitting on a treasure trove just waiting to be tapped!

Equipment trade-in: everything you need to know 💻

When should you resell your IT equipment?

There are a number of situations in which your company may have too much IT equipment in stock:

  • redundancy phase ;
  • implementation of BYOD (which greatly reduces the need for company-owned equipment);
  • dormant IT inventory ;
  • change of environment ;
  • equipment renewal ;
  • takeover or merger with another company.

Rather than letting this stock sit idle and lose its value very quickly, Rzilient offers to buy them back from you!

Your tied-up inventory is converted into a direct cash inflow in a matter of days. 💰

What procedure should I follow? 📄

How do you go about offering to buy your IT equipment from us?

Nothing could be simpler! The first step is to fill in this form.

The second step is transparent for you. Our teams :

  • carry out an assessment of the proposed equipment (condition, technical specifications, etc.);
  • determine an appropriate buyback price;
  • and send you a proposal within a few days.

The last step is simply to validate the budget and send us the material!

Rzilient's Green IT commitment ♻️

Since the launch of the Rzilient solution, Green IT has been at the heart of our concerns.

We firmly believe in upgrading IT equipment rather than scrapping it. Here's why!

There are two significant environmental benefits to recycling IT equipment. It :

  • helps to considerably reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, recycling avoids greenhouse gas emissions linked to the production, transport and disposal of IT equipment (by reusing it rather than buying new);
  • limits environmentally harmful electronic waste. Electronic devices often contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which can contaminate soil and water if improperly disposed of.

Revaluing means taking care of our planet and its ecosystem.

It also means committing your company to a Green IT approach and extending the lifespan of your equipment!


According to a study carried out by WWF and Club Green IT, the manufacture of IT equipment accounts for :

  • 29% of total energy consumption ;
  • 54% of greenhouse gas emissions ;
  • 61% of water use ;
  • and 97% of resource depletion.

These alarming figures underline the urgent need to rethink our approach to the use and management of IT equipment! Upgrading is a very promising way forward.

Estimate the value of your trade-in now

Have you ever thought of having the computers and peripherals currently in your company's inventory valued? Our customers are often surprised by the value they can represent!

Our IT trade-in offer helps you generate cash very quickly, without impacting your business. What's more, the process is quick and easy!

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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