Improve and simplify your IT asset management with our all-in-one platform

Improve and simplify your IT asset management with our all-in-one platform

Discover our Rzilient platform, the ideal solution to optimize the management of your IT equipment. Thanks to our expertise, we have developed a platform that meets the needs of all companies, whether they are small or large.

       The objective is to illustrate our platform while addressing the following four pillars: 

  • How to source equipment,
  • how to effectively source your equipment ,
  • how to organize your inventory of materials or employees ,
  • how to effectively manage these employee and material data.

How to carry out your equipment supply : 

There are three ways to source computer equipment: 

  • you already have a stock on site,
  • you want to buy it for yourself, 
  • you have to provide a new machine to a collaborator.

To do this, we have a purchase catalog that includes refurbished models to extend the life of the computer fleet and to be part of a Green IT approach.

If you prefer new, just browse through the categories to find the model you want.

If you have specific needs, such as a German QWERTY keyboard, please let us know so we can provide you with the right machine.

Source your equipment efficiently and simply 

We found that equipment management was often complex and not very optimized, especially for medium-sized organizations. That's why we created a platform that facilitates the sourcing of your equipment. 

We offer a multi-vendor catalog, in a user-centric and friendly interface, with the ability for administrators and employees to select their own hardware. 

Using our platform, you can homogenize IT assets by department, add equipment to your cart and customize configurations.

Administrators can approve or reject orders placed by employees.

The goal of our platform is to simplify the procurement of computer equipment within your organization and to empower your employees in their equipment choices. 

Manage your employee and material data efficiently 

Our platform allows you to manage data permissions and actions for your employees and fleet. We have a list of employees and fleet with support potential, via internal ticketing tools

On the fleet part, you can see your entire IT fleet with detailed information for each equipment. Thanks to an MDM technology, all the information on the equipment is directly brought up in the platform. You can take actions remotely, such as removing a device from the fleet or obtaining a valuation price. 

Efficiently manage employee and material data 

You can identify the machines available to each user with our MDM enrollment feature. This way, you can be sure that all your employees are in compliance with your security standards. Depending on your preferences, we can work together to automate the enrollment process.

If you are already using an in-house MDM, we can also work collaboratively to make this transition easier. 

Our platform offers employee views and fleet views to help manage your equipment. You can export information on users, machines affiliated to each user, column types, column numbers, etc. 

We have also added statistics to the platform, such as:

  • the percentage of failures,
  • the average life of the equipment,
  • the number of tickets.

We are currently developing a dashboard to allow office managers to view information in a clearer and more concise way. 


At Rzilient, we are convinced of the importance of a unified platform, allowing all departments in the company to talk to each other, using the same language. That's why we created our platform, with a user-friendly and easy-to-use orientation. 

If you still have questions, I invite you to watch this video extracted from the workshop, in which our experts answer questions from participants, office managers or IT professionals.

Written by

Audrey Pogu

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