Offboarding: best practices to adopt

Offboarding: best practices to adopt

Find out how to turn offboarding into an advantage for your business!

The departure of an employee is not always well received, even if it is by mutual agreement.

It is therefore preferable not to add additional stress to this departure because of poor organization of the employee's computer equipment.

This is the subject of this article: how to carry out the offboarding of your employees in the best possible conditions?

But before we go any further, it may be helpful to clarify what offboarding is! 😃

Offboarding is the opposite of onboarding and consists of all the actions to be taken to ensure that an employee leaves your company in the best possible conditions.

For IT, the best conditions - as we will see - are data security, hardware recovery, etc.

Turn your offboarding into an advantage!

You can turn a difficult situation into an advantage for your company.

We are convinced that using a SaaS solution, such as the Rzilient platform, allows you to turn an employee's exit into a series of concrete and measurable benefits for your company.

Let's see how to proceed.

Offboarding best practices - for your IT

Let's take a look at the concrete benefits that well-executed IT offboarding can bring to your company, thanks to the following 4 best practices.

Reduce the stress of departure

With the Rzilient platform, you can easily book a time slot for the offboarding of the departing employee.

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Our tool also facilitates the realization of all the actions to be carried out.

In a context that can be stress-laden, and when your teams may be caught up in strong emotions, bringing a well-structured and clear framework to your offboarding greatly reduces this perceived stress. 😧

Yet, according to a study, 71% of organizations do not have a formalized offboarding process.

Best practice: implement a SaaS tool to formalize and manage your IT offboarding.

Guarantee your IT security

Nothing is more important today than your company's data.

The costs associated with cyberattacks and data loss are exploding. And an employee who is laid off is not always in a benevolent frame of mind toward their former employer.

According to a survey conducted by Cyber Ark, 88% of IT employees say they would steal sensitive data if their company fired them.

Therefore, you need to ensure that offboarding an employee does not jeopardize your computer systems and the confidential data they contain. 👮

Best practice: secure the credentials of a departing employee and verify important data to be protected.

Make money by upgrading iT equipment

It is not always possible to reassign the computer or smartphone of an employee who has left your company.

This equipment may, for example, no longer meet the needs of your team.

If this is the case, you can benefit from trade-in offers for this IT equipment, via our platform. 💶

The best practice is to use a solution that facilitates the revaluation of the departing employee's IT equipment.

Save time on device deprovisioning

An employee has just left your company. His machine is on his desk... What to do with it? It can be used by another employee, or put in stock for a later use.

But first you need to wipe the machine, change application passwords, uninstall or reinstall software, and so on.

This can take up to 2 to 3 hours per machine!

Our opinion is that your IT team has better things to do than spend valuable time on an activity that adds nothing to your business. 😓

The best practice: use a solution that automatically handles the return operations of the computing machines.

All these best practices are naturally present in the Rzilient offer, so don't hesitate any longer:

Try the Rzilient platform for free!

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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