Winning strategies for effective and successful remote management

Winning strategies for effective and successful remote management

Best practices for a teleworking organization tailored to your needs

Since Covid-19, teleworking has revolutionized the way we work, offering flexibility but requiring companies to adapt. This guide, written by the rzilient and 360Learning teams, explores the effective organization of telecommuting and offers tips on how to work at home as well as in the office.

How can you make teleworking possible within your company?

Choosing the right tools

At rzilient and 360Learning we use a number of tools to work remotely.

In the ebook you'll find a list of essential tools, for your productivity, for your communication, for your training...

Defining your IT equipment policy

BYOD, or "Bring Your Own Device", allows your employees to use their own hardware to work, eliminating the need for the company to source its own IT equipment. This practice offers benefits such as the use of familiar hardware, the flexibility to work from anywhere, and financial savings for the company. However, it also requires enhanced security policies to protect company data.

We'll give you access to the best practices for protecting your fleet in the e-book.

Onboarding and team spirit - how best to manage them?

Easy IT equipment sourcing

Supplying IT equipment can be a time-consuming process for companies. To optimize this process, it's essential to partner with a service provider capable of quickly delivering and configuring the necessary equipment. With the rzilient platform, the purchase and configuration of the required computers can be completed in just 5 minutes, offering considerable time savings for businesses.

Find out how rzilient can help you choose the right IT equipment for your needs

Have an onboarding program adapted to teleworking

Onboarding is a crucial phase in the integration of new employees, marking their discovery of the company's mission, colleagues and culture. For successful onboarding, it's important to provide the necessary materials and guide new employees through the company's procedures.

Manage your on & offboarding with rzilient

Leadership and training: how to make it possible

For companies

To ensure the success of remote working, communication plays a central role, requiring regular exchanges to maintain an efficient flow of information. In addition to tools such as virtual cafés, Trello and Notion, there are other effective practices to ensure the success of remote business objectives.

Explore these methods for effective teleworking communication and management within your organization.

For employees

In a world where telecommuting is becoming the norm, companies need to ensure that their employees remain engaged, productive and aligned with the organization's objectives. With an approach that not only answers these questions, but anticipates them, 360Learning enables individual accountability and a continuous feedback system.

So, are you ready to discover how to get the most out of teleworking?

Written by

Audrey Pogu

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