Equipment tailored to your employees' needs

Equipment tailored to your employees' needs
Operations Manager

Selecting the right hardware for your employees can be a real headache, especially when you have to take into account the demands of each individual. Hamza, our Operations Manager at rzilient, recommends computer configurations that meet these different needs.

An efficient set-up for everyday use

For those who need a computer on a daily basis, such as HR, finance and operations managers, options like the Apple Macbook Pro 14" M3, the Lenovo Thinkpad E14 G5 14", or the DELL Latitude 5440 14" can be wise choices. This equipment is capable of meeting professional needs reliably and efficiently.

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The perfect configuration for your fellow travellers

If your employees are often on the move or need long battery life, lightweight models with good battery life are essential. Consultants, salespeople and those who juggle home and office can opt for machines like the Apple Macbook Air 13" M2 or M3, or the ThinkPad X13 G4 13" i7, offering the perfect combination of portability and performance.

"I often recommend this computer to my customers who travel a lot and they are always very satisfied" - Hamza

Equipment for your employees who need power

For professions that demand high computing power, such as engineers, developers and designers, we recommend high-performance, rugged computers. For example, Apple Macbooks Pro 14" or 16" M3 Pro 36GB Ram and DELL Precision 3580 16" i7 32GB or 64GB Ram.

"The Apple Macbook Pro 14" and 16" are perfectly suited to people who use resource-intensive graphic design software" - Hamza

A configuration for those on a budget or who are environmentally conscious

If your company is looking to reduce its CO2 emissions, laptop refurbishment is an option worth considering. Not only does it reduce your company's carbon footprint by extending the equipment's lifespan, it's also a more affordable solution. Refurbished Macbooks M2 or refurbished Dell Latitudes can meet the needs of companies concerned about their environmental impact.

Get involved in Green IT

This list of equipment is not exhaustive, and we are flexible in adapting our recommendations to suit your employees' requirements. What's more, our catalog offers a variety of accessories to meet all your daily needs (screens, chargers, adapters, etc.).

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Audrey Pogu

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