From 2021 to today: a look back at the evolution of the Rzilient platform

From 2021 to today: a look back at the evolution of the Rzilient platform

Rzilient, the platform that grows with you for stress-free IT management! 🚀💻

Since 2021, we have been working hard, with passion and good humor, to evolve our platform.

We want this all-in-one platform for managing your IT assets to be responsible, efficient and intuitive.

The goal? To save you (a lot of) time in your daily life.

Here is a retrospective of the major dates in the evolution of our platform, which we are happy to share with you 🙂

2021 : A Green IT solution for ecological and financial benefits ♻️💰

In its first year of operation, Rzilient's founding team of 10 experts has developed an innovative Green IT solution.

Thanks to our catalog of reconditioned products for leasing or purchase, in partnership with Back Market, you benefit from a double opportunity:

  • reduce your environmental footprint;
  • while realizing considerable savings.

The use of our platform is therefore fully in line with the CSR approach of your organization. But it also makes you save a lot of money. We have even measured this financial gain precisely!

During this 2021 year, our main achievements are to have:

  • established our legitimacy in this competitive market;
  • and above all to have built up our customer loyalty, by taking into account their feedback and their difficulties.

2022: Exponential growth and powerful integrations 📈💪

The year 2022 marked a period of tremendous growth for Rzilient. 

We have introduced new features and integrated powerful tools into the platform, such as Miradore and Workspace One.

Thanks to these advances, our platform now offers an optimized user experience and more efficient IT management.

Reorientation in 2022: Simplify your IT asset management 🔄🖥️

Since the beginning, we have been committed to total customer satisfaction.

That's why, at the end of 2022, we listened and took into account your needs. We have reoriented our offer so that it meets the exact expectations you expressed to us on a daily basis 🙂.

Rzilient now offers an advanced ticketing solution that allows you to manage your IT assets smoothly and efficiently.

This new orientation offers you:

  • simplified management;
  • increased productivity;
  • and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Evolutions in 2023: An expanded catalog and hassle-free management 🛠️😃

2023 was a year of major developments for the Rzilient platform, complementing the benefits of our solution.

Our leasing catalog has been considerably expanded. It now includes a wide variety of IT equipment to meet your specific needs. Do you need it? We have it 🙂

 In partnership with BNP Paribas, we also offer leasing of reconditioned and new equipment, giving you maximum flexibility.

 What's more, our complete outsourcing solution simplifies the management of your IT equipment thanks to our Zero Touch approach. Benefit from comprehensive support, precise monitoring and hassle-free configuration.

Integrations and outlook for 2023: Improve your IT and HR management 🤝💻

Rzilient is constantly improving its platform to provide you with an even more rewarding experience.

In 2023, you will be able to benefit from advanced integrations with solutions such as :

  • Jamf (MDM);
  • Azure (Intune MDM) ;
  • and Okta for secure authentication.

In addition, we plan to integrate tools such as Zappier and HiBob to specifically address your HR needs.

Maximize the efficiency of your IT and HR management with our complete and customized solution.

Outlook for 2024: Global interconnectedness and tangible benefits 🌍✨

For the year 2024, Rzilient has set several improvement goals.

Among these, we want to add more and more integrations. The goal is simply to make our SaaS solution a complete interoperability platform between your IT and HR tools, to simplify your life.

Partnerships are also planned with companies such as o2i, Update You and Experteam.

Rzilient aims to become a complete solution, offering you:

  • time savings;
  • financial savings;
  • and a reduction in environmental impact.

By 2024: Rzilient plans to expand its offering internationally to serve a larger market.

Let's go further together!

Our goal: to get closer and closer to your needs, to solve your IT problems and constraints.

You haven't heard of Rzilient yet? We invite you to book a free demo of our IT asset management platform now.

Written by

Mathieu Maréchal

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