3 reasons to extend the life of your iT equipment

3 reasons to extend the life of your iT equipment

Between 1985 and 2015, the time spent using a computer has gone from an average of 11 years to 4 years (Source: Label NR). That is to say a time divided by 3 in 20 years.

Whether due to programmed or psychological obsolescence, this increasingly frequent renewal must be controlled.

Between the lack of recycling of end-of-life devices and the growing need for mining and energy resources,the digital sector is increasingly polluting.

In fact, manufacturing is the stage that concentrates the majority of impacts (54%), while the use of digital devices accounts for 44% of this footprint. (Source: GreenIT, Digital in Europe, an approach to environmental impacts for life cycle assessment (NumEu)).

These issues of pollution and overconsumptionconcern individuals but also companies. To turn to a responsible digital and seek to reduce its impact, one of the most effective gestures to put in place is to extend the life of its fleet iT.

How can you extend the life of your equipment? When is the right time to renew your IT equipment? rzilient explains why it's important to extend the life of your equipment, and how you can do it.

3 reasons to look for ways to extend the use of your IT equipment

To save time

When looking to increase the uptime of the company's digital equipment, making the required updates, paying attention to daily use and so on are the first things that come to mind.

Maintaining the efficiency and performance of the equipment over the long term is possible and avoids loss of time and productivity.

On average, a company loses 109 hours per year per employee due to slow IT operations and the operational steps that managers must take (source: Easy Panel study). 109 hours is about 30 minutes per day spent fighting IT malfunctions on company time.

To save money

Of course, avoiding the purchase of new equipment can save money in the short term.

But extending the life of IT equipment does not mean that you should never renew your iT fleet again.

It is possible to purchase reconditioned or leased equipment, which allows savings of up to 75% less than a new device.

Of course, the price of the refurbished product depends on the grade, which indicates the external aspect (shocks, scratches, rubs...), but does not concern the technical performances, which remain optimal.

Thanks to rzilient, in addition to being able to buy or rent reconditioned IT equipment at a lower price, you save money byoptimizing certain tasks.

Also known as opportunity cost, these savings relate to the various choices organizations make when they have to decide one direction rather than another.

For example, if your software engineer spends time solving IT bugs rather than doing his core business - coding, this time spent solving problems brings less value to the organization. It is estimated that this iT mismanagement would cost each company about €3,000 per year per employee.

With its next-generation iT management solutions, rzilient saves you time and productivity, and avoids up to 84% of **** opportunity costs.

For the environment

Extending the lifespan of one's IT equipment also allows one to reduce one's environmental footprint in a significant way. We should not think that digital technology, because it is immaterial, does not pollute. On the contrary, its emissions are significant.

Since it is the user equipment that pollutes the most, extending its lifespan and joining a circular digital circuit approach, where reuse and reconditioning are the key words, allows us to move towards a more responsible digital environment.

This extension of life can be translated in different ways:

For example, using a computer for 4 years instead of 2 improves its environmental balance by 50%.

The figures of the ADEME are speaking, for the manufacture of a computer of 2kg, it is :

  • 588kg of raw materials mobilized ;
  • 156kg of CO2 generated out of the 169kg emitted over its entire life cycle.

(Source: Ademe, Éco-responsable au bureau, Actions efficaces et bonnes résolutions, 2020).

Some tips to extend the life of your IT fleet

At rzilient, we recommend a few simple gestures to help your organization become part of a circular and responsible digital economy.

Here are 5 actions to implement to extend the use of your iT equipment:

  • Adopt adapted equipment, either by renting it or by buying it;
  • prefer to buy or rent eco-designed, upgradeable and repairable equipment;
  • repair, if necessary, the iT equipment and do preventive maintenance;
  • Optimize your iT asset management by reusing in-house hardware, centralizing iT processes and simplifying access to iT support for your employees.

Before you even try to expand the use of your iT fleet, your approach to becoming digitally responsible can be thought of upstream.

You can first try to avoid over-consumption of digital devices by defining your needs as precisely as possible.

It is also important to reduce the amount of equipment per person by using multi-functional devices and fighting against psychological obsolescence.

rzilient helps you save money, time and your environmental footprint with a triple service:

  • a piloting of all your iT subjects on a unique and personalized platform with an available support;
  • Control and plan your budget with a comprehensive overview of your iT expenses and the savings that can be made;
  • iT equipment acquisition (purchase or leasing) with a large offer of reconditioned equipment.

Want to have a positive impact digital through responsible and circular practices within your company? Let's discuss your project!


Written by

Audrey Pogu

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