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Founded 5 years ago, Epigene Labs plays a key role in enabling scientists specializing in the study of cancer to steer their research and development programs through the use of genomic data by merging AI and human expertise.

With a current team of 25 employees based in Paris, Bordeaux and Boston, Epigene Labs has faced major challenges in managing its IT resources.

Julien, VP Product, Data & Technologies, is in charge of IT (hardware + software), juggling the startup's rapid growth, fleet security, and the need to constantly optimize their evolving organization.

In July 2023, Epigene Labs made a strategic decision to call on rzilient, delegating the complete management and optimization of its IT assets to us.

Here we share with you Julien's concrete feedback since Epigene Labs began using rzilient to manage its fleet.

Day-to-day freedom from IT constraints

Support delegation

Before rzilient, Julien spent a lot of time troubleshooting and configuring the team's computers. IT support management is often unpredictable and urgent, but it's crucial because IT problems can affect employee productivity and, consequently, the company's bottom line.

Now, by redirecting all IT support questions from employees to rzilient, Julien has eliminated the time spent on these tasks, which, let's be honest, weren't very stimulating ;) Julien explains:

I can make my requests on a slack, it's convenient but above all, the support service is very responsive. I really appreciate rzilient's help and support.

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IT Pre-Onboarding Revolution

When a new employee arrives, it's essential to prepare his or her IT equipment beforehand, but this can be time-consuming: it's called IT pre-boarding.

At Epigene Labs, this stage was rather disorganized. It even happened that an employee didn't receive his computer until he had been with the company for 10 days.

With a view to expanding Epigene Labs in 2024 by at least 20%, it was crucial to regain control and anticipate all the IT tasks required for the new arrivals.

Now, when a new employee joins Epigene Labs, Julien's pre-onboarding takes just 15 minutes.

It simply informs the platform of upcoming onboardings. The right equipment is automatically ordered, pre-configured and delivered before the new employee arrives.

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Offboarding management worthy of the name

As for offboarding, Julien tells us this anecdote from before IT was managed by rzilient:

An employee had not unlocked her computer correctly. Despite several attempts to unlock it, I had to call Apple support, but I couldn't find the invoice so they solved my problem.

This type of problem can be a frequent occurrence, and over the long term can lead to considerable loss of time and money.

Now, thanks to rzilient, offboarding is simplified. Information is automatically deleted, equipment is reset, and returned if the employee is working remotely. What's more, equipment in stock and assigned to employees is tracked thanks to an intelligent inventory that updates automatically, facilitating decision-making.

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Real financial savings

Epigene Labs made the wise decision to opt forleasing, enabling it to spread its expenses and optimize its cash flow.

On average, our customers save 30% on their IT purchases thanks to rzilient, freeing up resources for strategic projects.

By opting for rzilient, they eliminate the reactive expenses associated with management problems and optimize the use of their financial resources.

Fleet cyber-security

In 2024, Epigene Labs is aiming for ISO 27100 certification, attesting to a fully secure fleet.

With rzilient's support, they are strengthening the cybersecurity of their IT assets by implementing practices such as hard disk encryption, password policies, antivirus software, full endpoint visibility and secure remote access management.

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Strategic IT choices in the quest for growth

Since July 2023, rzilient has propelled Epigene Labs towards a significant transformation of its IT management. Feedback from Julien, VP Product, Data & Technologies, illustrates the optimization of IT support and the simplification of on/offboarding processes.

This evolution has not only led to operational improvements, but also to substantial financial savings, consolidating Epigene Labs' strategic position.

For 2024, rzilient is committed to supporting Epigene Labs in its ambitious projects, including ISO 27100 certification. This fruitful collaboration will continue to pave the way for scalable and efficient IT management.

To find out how rzilient can optimize your IT management processes and save you time, book your demo now.