How does rzilient help Worldia grow its IT assets?


How does rzilient support Worldia's IT growth?

Worldia is a tailor-made travel platform for creating memorable itineraries.

Worldia is growing fast and plans to expand internationally into the US market. The number of employees has risen from 100 in January 2022 to 200 in January 2024.

To manage their growing, international IT estate, they chose the rzilient solution.

Myriam Berthieu, Office Manager at Worldia, is in charge of managing IT actions via the platform, accompanied by her privileged contacts at rzilient.

We asked him to share his impressions and experiences since adopting our solution.

Increasingly complex IT asset management

A CTO faced with computer breakdowns

Christian Daguerre, the company's CTO, was faced with a steady stream of IT troubleshooting requests, with recurring messages such as :

My computer is running slowly. Can you help me?

These tasks, though necessary, were time-consuming and diverted his attention from the strategic missions requiring all his expertise.

An opaque IT infrastructure

Worldia lacked a centralized, real-time view of its IT assets, due to the lack of a connected tool to facilitate monitoring.

With a growing number of employees and ongoing internationalization, it became imperative to increase visibility over inventory and employee allocations.

This was essential to reduce security risks and to make the right decisions regarding the management and purchase of new IT equipment.

rzilient takes over your IT infrastructure

In-depth support with their dedicated CSM

rzilient's Customer Success team is actively working with Myriam on the implementation of the platform, regularly exchanging ideas with Bérénice, Head of Customer at rzilient, during dedicated follow-up meetings.

Bérénice then personally accompanied Myriam in enrolling the entire fleet in the MDM.

Some twenty computers had not been enrolled, and were therefore unable to benefit from updates, free software and the best protection. Enrolling these computers was a priority, and had to be done as soon as possible.

This collaboration is proving fruitful, as Worldia's fleet enrolment campaign draws to a close. This now gives the Office Manager a global view of all Worldia computers, via the inventory on the rzilient platform. It can now anticipate the replacement of ageing computers that may no longer be suitable for professional use, resulting in productivity losses for employees.

To find out how the rzilient solution can support your specific IT projects, talk to our teams.

IT support outsourcing

Worldia employees no longer turn to their OM or CTO for their IT problems, but directly to rzilient IT support.

Myriam can access all exchanges via the rzilient platform. Support sends her a request if arbitration is needed, for example to decide on a computer renewal.

A platform that centralizes IT and HR data

The synchronization of human and IT resources, by associating each employee with his or her own hardware and software, enables Worldia to know who has what and where.

As for the inventory view, it centralizes all data concerning their IT assets (information, invoices and machine status).

Myriam and the CTO can now manage their fleet by making the right decisions.

Simplified equipment supply

Thanks to the catalog available on the platform, procurement is much smoother, with no need to go through several suppliers. Myriam simply selects the desired equipment on the platform and orders it in just a few clicks.

For example, they were able to order and deliver 12 computers with German keyboards to Germany in just 1 click.

View the rzilient multi-vendor catalog

Reallocation of end-of-life equipment

Worldia's hardware inventory contains several dozen computers that no longer meet the company's needs in terms of performance.

rzilient helps Worldia make the right decisions and manage this aging fleet:

  • Buy back or donate working computers to an association
  • Recycling faulty computers

OM and employees more than happy

By using the rzilient platform, Myriam was able to streamline her schedule. What's more, by connecting rzilient to her Lucca HRIS, she eliminated the need for double entry of onboarding and offboarding data.

Once the future employee's data has been entered into the Lucca database at the end of the recruitment process, it is automatically imported into rzilient to prepare the IT environment.

This synergy between rzilient and Lucca has considerably improved Worldia's onboarding process, making it both faster and more efficient.

What's more, thanks to rzilient, Myriam no longer has to worry about or manually check whether an employee has deleted their data at the end of their contract. The platform automatically resets the computer remotely, saving her time, reducing her mental workload and enhancing data security.

Employees now benefit from a smooth configuration of their IT equipment from day one, ensuring a smooth transition and increased satisfaction from the moment they arrive.

IT "next steps

Worldia plans to implement several projects with the help of rzilient for the first half of 2024.

  • A change of identity provider to simplify and resolve bugs
  • More comprehensive fleet security with Jamf Protect
  • Smoother IT support via a ticketing system on Slack with rzilient teams.

To find out how our solution can help you with your specific IT asset management issues, make an appointment with our teams

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