Garantme adopts a complete IT service with Rzilient teams.


Sarah, Office Manager at Garantme, talks about the IT projects managed by the Rzilient teams.

Some information about Garantme:

  • Date of creation : 2007
  • Location: St Ouen sur Seine, France
  • Business sector: InsurTech
  • Number of employees: 70

InsurTech company facilitating the relationship between landlord and tenant, Garantme has experienced extraordinary growth since its creation in 2007. Since the beginning of 2021, the startup has trusted Rzilient to simplify their IT asset management and refurbished equipment. We were able to chat with Sarah, Office Manager at Garantme, who detailed all the ins and outs of this collaboration.

Sarah, can you explain why you wanted to simplify your IT management?

Garantme is a startup that is growing very (very) fast. We have grown from 20-25 employees at the beginning of 2020, to 80 at the moment. The growth has been exponential, despite the Covid environment. We have always worked with refurbished equipment, which we used to buy directly from Apple because we work mainly with Macbooks. We used to have to call them, and ask them how many refurbished devices we needed. But it became more and more complicated to manage the needs in terms of computer equipment with 5 to 10 arrivals per month, and all that goes with it: breakdowns, breakages, "I dropped my water glass on my keyboard" etc. This is why we were looking for an IT partner. Bringing green iT expertise into their services, we quickly began our collaboration with Rzilient.

How did the first exchanges with Rzilient go?

We contacted Rzilient in 2020, initially with a view to obtaining better management of our iT equipment. For us, this meant acquiring and managing the equipment on a daily basis: monitoring the fleet, managing breakdowns, etc.

We now have an account manager dedicated to our company, with whom the collaboration goes extremely well. The follow-up is easy, and the fluidity of exchange is exceptional. For the technical part (management of the fleet, daily bugs, maintenance follow-up), we are in direct contact with the iT team at Rzilient, who are always responsive and helpful. We are very satisfied with Rzilient's IT services.

More than ever! We have made the choice of 100% refurbished equipment at Garantme, with the support of Rzilient. Unlike other providers, who would have strongly encouraged us to switch to new equipment, Rzilient offers reliable refurbished equipment, and above all with a performance adapted to the needs of our team. We are really on the same wavelength!

We have chosen reconditioned equipment because it corresponds to our environmental commitments, but also to our pricing policy. Our needs and budgets are taken into account and adapted by Rzilient. In addition to these services, Rzilient also supported us with additional iT actions. We moved to a new location in October, and this included moving all our IT equipment: monitors, computers, etc. We were fortunate to be able to count on Rzilient for the move of the iT equipment, the installation of screens on site, and the cabling. Thus, our teams were able to arrive on Monday morning, in our new premises, with computers and peripherals ready to use. They were able to respond quickly, and provided us with an excellent quality service.

So, is your IT management simple and smooth today?

Our IT management has been greatly simplified! The service was more than adapted to our needs, and Rzilient knew how to adapt to our growth and to our growing needs. And from a pricing point of view, the proposal was adapted to our budget.

On a day-to-day basis, this has lightened our technical mental load quite impressively: we went from ordering 5 Macbooks per month in 2020, to a wave of 15 arrivals in January, and all I had to do was send my iT needs to the Rzilient team. The computers, all refurbished of course, arrived pre-configured, installed, ready to use. A real pleasure!

Personally, I am convinced. As an OM, we need someone who is efficient, and I find this quality with Rzilient.

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