rzilient was born in February 2020 - initially as a CSR consulting agency, to assist companies in defining their sustainability goals and developing action plans to address them. However, February 2020 was also the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was therefore necessary to rethink rzilient's offer in order to meet the new expectations of individuals and organisations.
The choice was therefore made to respond to the new CSR priorities from a specific angle: iT - a lever for action that is not only effective and quickly actionable but also very pragmatic in terms of sustainability.
The rzilient.club was launched in September 2020 to help companies manage their iT fleet simply while reducing their digital pollution.


Our ambition is to transform IT management in companies in order to accompany the commoditisation of IT equipment, and to encourage the extension of its lifespan while addressing the ongoing evolution of increasingly conscious professional uses.


In concrete terms, we offer you all the tools you need for simple and sustainable fleet management, via a dedicated management platform and with our on-demand deployable resources to support you and your employees - wherever you are.
We put you back in control of your iT fleet, through our integrated services across the entire IT value chain and across functions!


Digital technology pollutes. Too much. 3.5% of GHG emissions are currently linked to digital technology. And these figures are expected to double by 2030.
rzilient's mission is precisely to help your company anticipate these changes by adopting the right practices now.
sustainability approach
We believe that this can be achieved by:
- using refurbished iT: 80% of the environmental impact of computer equipment is linked to its manufacture. Reconditioning therefore considerably reduces your digital footprint.

- extending the life of equipment: 1 in 2 French people change their computer even though it is still working. Reconditioning can double or even triple the lifespan of a device. Thanks to our integrated services, we can extend the life of your entire iT equipment.

- integration into circular economy circuits: concerning the entire iT value chain - from the acquisition of the equipment, through its monitoring and maintenance throughout its life cycle, to its recycling.